Monday, February 18, 2013

Kookogey not to seek second term as Willliamson Couty GOP chair

Williamson County GOP Chairman Kevin Kookogey has announced he will not seek a second term according to a story in today's Tennessean. While I do not have first hand knowledge of what is going on in the Williamson County Republican Party, I have heard comments that he has greatly damaged the party, that some contributors were withholding funds and that many Republicans were embarrassed by Kookogey.

Kookogey is either a fringe kook or is a patriot advancing real conservative values according to whom you talk to. He has advanced an anti-Muslim, anti-Agenda 21 agenda.  He has advocated purging the party of insufficiently conservative members and has been critical of Gov. Haslam and other elected Republicans.

The anti-agenda 21 movement is based on a weird theory that the United Nations plans to kill 96% of the worlds population by poisoning them with aspartame and fluoride, although to be fair, most opponents of Agenda 21 probably are not aware of that part of the theory.  In its milder form, the anti-Agenda 21 movement believes that Agenda 21 is a United Nations plan to take away American sovereignty, redistribute wealth and take away property rights in the name of environmentalism.

Across the nation anti-Agenda 21 activist have opposed everything from traffic calming, to reintroducing wolfs into the wild, to sidewalks, smart meters, and almost all forms of planning and mass transit as being part of agenda 21. This anti-agenda 21 movement originated with the John Birch Society and was spread by people like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. Anti-agenda hysteria has worked its way into the Republican Party with the National GOP adopting an Anti-Agenda 21 party platform plank. The national GOP party platform plank however is short and vague. The Williamson County Republican Party has adopted a strongly worded Anti-Agenda 21 resolution that you can read at this link.  

Anti-Islam activism included taking out a full page ad against Gov. Haslam over his administration's hiring of a qualified Muslim, Samar Ali,  to work in the Department of Economic and CommunityDevelopment.   The Williamson County party has also hosted an event for controversial Dutch anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders.

Engaging in actions such as the above is not normally a function of a Party chair.  Many see the roll of the Party chair to raise money, elect Republicans to office and increase Party ranks. I am sure many will be glad to see Kookogey go. If anyone has insight into what has happened with the Williamson Country Republican Party under the leadership of Keven Kookogey, I would welcome hearing from you. 

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