Saturday, February 23, 2013

Marsha Blackburn named 3rd most conservative

The National Journal has released its ratings of “most conservative” and “most liberal” members of the House of Representatives and Marsha Blackburn is rated as the third most conservative member of the House. To see the full report follow this link then on the right see click "raw data."

Diane Black is in a three-way tie ranked at 26.  Jim Cooper is ranked 258, making him the 20th most conservative Democrat congressman.

Other Tennessee Representative hold these ranks:
         Steve Cohen       370
         Scott DesJarlais 59
         Stephen Fincher 63
         Chuck Fleisman 86
         Phil Roe             115
         John Duncan      219

In the Senate, Bob Corker is ranked the 35th most conservative senator and Alexander is ranked 39th. By way of comparison, The National Journal ranks Lindsey Gram as more conservative with a ranking of 33 and John McCain more conservative with a ranking of 28.

One interesting observation from looking at the data is that the most liberal Republican is more conservative than the most conservative Democrat in both the House and the Senate. That was not always the case.

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