Monday, February 25, 2013

Pat Carl seeks 2nd Vice Chair of Nashville GOP

Pat Carl
Pat Carl is seeking the office of 2nd Vice Char of the Davidson County Republican Party. Below are Pat Carl's responses to a query from Stan Scott. I am posting with Pat's permission. Rod

Why do you want the position [of 2nd Vice-Chair]?

Frankly, I believe too much emphasis is placed on "the position". I believe all DCRP elected officers must work as a Team under the guidance of the Chairman, with one common goal of supporting and growing the Republican Party. In the 2 years I have served as Southeast Regional Vice-Chair, that has not been the case....often, it has been obvious that some have approached their elected position as "what can the DCRP do for me" rather than "what can I do for the DCRP".

As you know my Region is one of the most heavily Democrat in the entire county. Additionally, I am angry at the people who say "The Republican Party is in trouble...or needs to change their message". We are neither, we just need to do more, better, in getting our message out! I have been perfectly happy as Regional Vice-Chair and planned to run for this position again in March. Bob Duvall asked me to consider running for 2nd Vice-Chair when he made the decision to run for Chairman. He, too, had observed some of the "title holders" who had made empty promises, done nothing, to further the DCRP, often criticizing rather than supporting DCRP. Bob always tries to surround himself with The Best....and I consider it an honor that he includes me in this group.

How will you address what you see as the top three steps to improve the Party?

Fundraising, both for the DCRP and assisting our candidates with their fundraising efforts. Membership Growth/Inclusion and Countywide Communication Identifying, vetting, and supporting candidates (both local and state seats) I did not address each of the above individually, because you really cannot separate one from the other. We need more fundraisers, both the large and small ones and there are many, many Republicans in Davidson County who do not feel they have been included and don't know how to go about being included in the DCRP. I will take the Party to the people, as I have successfully done in Southeast Region. My Region now has some of the most dedicated Republican volunteers and so many times I have been told "I always wanted to get involved but didn't know how". Our vision on DCRP fundraising has been so set....let's have a big fancy fundraiser at The Standard and invite the same select group of people. Take the events and the message directly into the communities. I'll take 1,000 people, each donating $50 any time over fancy event where you might collect, if you are lucky, $4,000. There is also a lot of hidden talent (future candidates) in Davidson County....but we seem to set back and wait for them to come to us first...again, take it to the communities and look for good candidates.

What compelling reasons are there for someone to vote for you?

 I have attached a list of my achievements, both personal and DCRP. These will reinforce the following: (1) When I take on a task/responsibility, I give it 200%, (2) I think outside the box. Stan, sorry this is so lengthy....once I get on my soap box....but hope this gives you a better idea of who Pat Carl is and what she stands for. Please feel free to share my responses with others if you wish.

Pat Carl

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  1. Davidson's Republicans cannot find a better vice-chairwoman than Pat, whom I've known since they old days of Knoxville 1982 World's Fair, where she did a splendid work