Thursday, February 7, 2013

TN bill would require ultrasound before abortion

Senator Jim Tracy has introduced a bill that would require women to undergo a “transabdominal ultrasound” and wait at least 24 hours before going forward with an abortion.(link). A transabdominal ultrasound is the procedure where the women belly is coated with lotion and a wand-like devise is rubbed across her belly. The procedure allows the women to see the baby she is carrying and hear the heartbeat.

This is a good  bill and needs to pass. If more women had to come face to face with the reality that the abortion they are about to have really is the killing of the baby they are carrying, there would no doubt be fewer additions. If they had to hear the beating of the heart and see the pictures of the baby in the womb and then think about it for a day, I am sure many would choose to let their baby live. 

As expected, Democrats are opposed.  "Tennessee's women should not have to suffer more intrusive laws that violate their right to privacy just so Sen. Tracy can polish his conservative credentials in his race against Congressman Scott DesJarlais," said Nashville Representative Sherry Jones. "Republicans have spent the past three years complaining about how the government shouldn't stand between a patient and their doctor, but with this legislation, that is exactly what they are trying to do."(link)

What can one say about an attitude like that? Sherry Jones and people like her want nothing to cause a women to think twice before killing her child. They view fewer abortions as a bad thing and can see nothing but evil intent on the part of those who want to cause a women to think twice and contemplate what she is about to do before she takes the step that takes a human life. Sherry Jones has been an outspoken critic of DHS and has displayed concern for children who died in state custody, yet she can be so cavalier about a measure that may cause a women to contemplate what she is doing before she kills her own unborn child.

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1 comment:

  1. Ms. Sherry Jones,

    Why do you wish to deny expanded knowledge to the women of this state? Are you waging a war on women? It rather sounds that way to this woman!

    Shame on you.