Monday, February 11, 2013

Ward Connerly comes to Nashville, this Wednesday

Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 6:30 PM
Fifty Forward Knowles 174 Rains Ave, Nashville, TN

Ward Connelly
Ward Connerly is considered to be the man behind California’s Proposition 209 prohibiting race- and gender-based preferences in state hiring, contracting and state university admissions, a program widely known Affirmative Action.

From J. Lee Douglas of 9-12 Project Nashville:
Ward Connerly has agreed to come to Tennessee and he will be speaking at our next 912 Project on the evening of Wednesday, February 13.

You can imagine the names this witty, very intelligent man has been called:  Oreo, white on the inside, black on the outside; Uncle Tom who’s married to a white woman.

I call him a patriot for helping to restore America to its commitment of equal application of the law towards all with privilege for none.

Senator Jim Summerville is introducing a series of bills aimed at removing from state government all discrimination and preferential treatment on the basis of race, gender and ethnicity.  Who better to come here and talk to us and to also talk to the legislators about the harm being done to all men when granting privileges for the few.

Were you aware that currently 10% of all state business contracts must be performed by minorities?  Sweet if you’re a minority but sucks to be you if you’re a gringo.

Local News Channel 2 did a story recently on Summerville’s bill and they conducted interviews at predominantly black TSU to test the reaction of black students there.  Take a peek, I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Click here.  It appears that those who resist equal treatment for all men are the race hustlers most typified by Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.  What father doesn’t want his son to succeed because the son worked hard and earned it?

If you’d like to read Summerville’s bills, go here.

Despite Jesse Jackson’s protests throughout California, Ward Connerly, almost singlehandedly saw  to the passage of Proposition 209 in California. Connerly went to war against the Ford Foundation, ACLU, The Carnegie Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and most importantly, the California Teachers Association.  Eleven years later, Connerly succeeded with the same bill in Michigan, passing it 58%-42 and later an identical accomplishment in Washington State.

I hope to see you Wednesday, February 13 at The Knowles Center, 174 Rains Ave, Nashville, TN - Lee

I plan on attending this meeting. and I strongly support the effort of Senator Jim Summerville. It is time to end racial preferences. Rod

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