Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cadbury Goes Hala...

....and I don't care.

The alarm has been sounded:

Kraft now certifies its Cadbury products to be halal. This means that the candy is certified to be manufactured according to Islamic dietary standards. This is one more way products that conform to Sharia law are inserted into our stores. All the lamb from Australia and New Zealand sold in Costco stores is halal. It is a stealthy compliance with Sharia law. (link)
Cadbury makes those gooey delicious Cadbury Easter eggs and Muslims don't celebrate Easter so I don't know why Cadbury would bother but it is no concern of mine it Kraft things it is a good business decision to make Cadbury products halal.  The alarmist fringe are concerned.  First it is Cadbury halal Easter Eggs and next thing you know all of the women will be wearing burqas.  

Here is something else to be worried about: Did you know that Kroger sells Kosher dill pickles?

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