Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kathleen Starnes' farewell address

Farewell address of Kathleen Starnes delivered at the 2013 Davidson County Republican Party Convention.

Thank you Jim Gotto.

You and your team have done and outstanding job with our caucus and convention this year. Thank you.

Now if you will indulge me, I would like to share with you what has been going on these last four years.

I have had the pleasure and challenge of serving as your Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party. Many of you heard my announcement speech four years ago, where I shared my vision for the Davidson County Republican Party. I was labeled as an “Old Guard” then, so I had to prove that I had a new vision. And I shared that vision:
  • To energize the County Party by engaging the base through outreach and involvement!
  • To increase our party’s representation in the state legislature.
  • To Increase our technology and improve communications.
Thru the diligent work of the Executive Board we implemented those new visions into accomplished goals. Here are some of our accomplishments:
  • Established Breakfast Summits throughout Davidson County to reach the grassroots.
  • Encouraged and supported candidates to run for offices in all open possibilities.
  • Established our 7 Regional Vice-Chairs to be the eyes and ears of the voters.
  • Fought to “Save the Fairgrounds.”
  • Raise the bar in The Metro Council by electing and supporting great candidates.
  • Established a Chairman Circle with members contributing $1000 each for 2 years, // which established a financial base.
  • Set-up a GOP office for 2 years and made thousands of campaign phone calls for the 2010 elections and fed lots hungry college students.
  • Re-vitalized the College Republicans on the Vanderbilt Campus and tapped into their energy and allowed them work opportunities in all aspects of the political campaign world.
  •  Re-established the Reagan Day Dinner in 2010 followed by successful DCRP Picnics every summer.
  • In 2012 we established 3 store fronts to support our legislative and federal candidates and made over 70,000 phone calls.
Because of our successes with the Chairman’s Circle, Reagan Day,  Picnics,  and storefront Headquarters, we were financially able to support our local and state candidates…..AND we are able to leave our new officers in good and positive financial shape.

Davidson County is a melting pot of many conservative groups and with outreach we involved ourselves with most of these groups. We need to make every effort to connect with all of our conservative voters. As President Reagan stated the 80/20 rule……"The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally -- not a 20 percent traitor." 

We are doing a much better job of our technology communications thru our website, constant contact, social media tools of Facebook and Twitter but there is always room for improvement and growth.

We increased our representation majority in the State House in 2010 and again in the Senate in 2012.

Thank You  to all of the candidates who put their daily lives on hold to follow their political ambitions and serve us, the citizens. And a special thank you to all of the volunteers who knocked on doors, made numerous and exhausting phone calls, and financial contributions or gift in kinds for our candidates. We won some…..and  we lost a few. We shall rebound in 2014.

2013 is a rebuilding year, to make clear our message to the voters that we are ALL about “a hand up”.

2014 brings Senate, Congressional and State Representatives races and AGAIN our opportunity to increase this majority.

In Closing:  A special thanks to my bookend, Beth Campbell, who taught me how to spell "Politics."

A special thanks to my husband, Larry Maxwell, for his patience and support over these last four years. It has allowed me the numerous hours to accomplish these goals.

Thank you all for the opportunity to make the Davidson County Republican Party a viable party, where good candidates can have a good start in campaigning, make a difference in sharing party values and their goals and know that the party will have their back.

The next two years are crucial to Davidson County and I charge you to continue your support in leading the Davidson County Republican Party to more winning years ahead.

My Comment:  Kathleen Starnes has been a great leader these last four years.  She was the right person at the right time to lead our party.  We owe her a debt of gratitude and a big round of applause. 

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