Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Metro Nashville!

Today was a great day for an outdoor event; perfect weather to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Metro Nashville on the courthouse lawn. The party started at noon and lasted till a little past 3PM.

Emmylou Harris entertained and also manned
a booth promoting an animal rescue project. 

A crowd of at least a couple thousand, maybe a lot more,
enjoyed the festivities. A display inside a tent told
the history of Nashville from 1491 when the Cherokee
and the Chickasaw drove out the Shawnee, through
the earliest French trading post, through the Civil
war to recent history. Food trucks provided a variety
of food and there was a dog area, and kids area and
beer sold on site and various vendors promoting attractions
and causes and selling products.

Self photography: Louella and I enjoying
the music. I did not know I was going to get
VIP treatment but former and current council
members and people important in the history of
Nashville were treated to a meal under a tent in
a restricted area side stage. It was great to see
old friends.

Sam Bush and Dell McCoury were fantastic!  I could listen to
Sam Bush play mandolin all day long. They harmonized beautifully.
They played about 40 minutes.

The Mayors: Fulton, Purcell, Bredesen, Dean

Bobby Hebb performs "Sunny."  Nashville had a thriving rhythm
and blues scene and a lot of R&B was recorded in Nashville
from about 1945 to the early 70's. A couple years ago,
The Country Music Hall of Fame featured the R&B side
of Nashville and produced a Grammy winning CD series called
Night Train to Nashville and revived the history and
the careers of some of Nashville's almost forgotten R&B artist.

I love Nashville and feel fortunate to live in this city. I would not want to live anywhere else.
I think the Metropolitan form of government has served us well.  

 Happy Birthday Metro Nashville!

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