Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ken Jakes says, "tell the truth." Farmers maket is not self supporting.

From: Ken Jake
To: Ms. Yockey
CC: Nancy Wittemore, Members of Council, and others
RE: Information on website not accurate

Ms. Yockey, It is my understanding that you maintain the web site of the Nashville Farmers Market. If that is incorrect please inform me who the staff is that maintains the web site. I am copying and pasting from the web site below:

How is the market supported? NFM is supported by merchant fees, venue rental fees & grants. The Market operates on a small budget that must support a large array of operating expenses that includes facility care & maintenance, insurance, permits, licenses, signage, utilities, disposal, site improvements, marketing, a 6-person staff and more. We meet these needs largely through merchant rental fees. 
I believe this  to be totally false. Your are omitting that NFM is supported heavily by the taxpayers. It has been on the back of the taxpayers for years. The web site indicates it is self supporting, which is in my opinion totally false. Please update to correct it or leave it as a lie; but the truth is the truth.

Thank you,
Ken Jakes

I agree.  Rod

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