Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tennessee Republicans threaten to kill GOP voucher bill over fear of funding ...

Tennessee Republicans threaten to kill GOP voucher bill over fear of funding ...
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Jim Tracy (R) had told The Murfreesboro Post that he had “considerable concern” that tax dollars could go to schools that teach principles from the Quran. Tracy, who is on the Senate Education Committee and identifies himself as a member of the Church ...

My Comment: While I generally am in favor of vouchers and school choice, I do think the view expressed by Senator Tracy is a legitimate concern. While I not only have a concern that Wahhabi Jihadist schools funded by Saudi Arabia may qualify for vouchers, extreme Christian fundamentalist schools teaching creationism and that the world is only 6000 years old may get public funds, the Ku Klux Klan may open schools that get public funding, Black nationalist may open schools, and communist may establish schools that get public funds. If the response to this concern is to regulate what these charter schools may teach, then we are in the position of dictating the curriculum to private schools. I do not want to do that. Nevertheless, I still support vouchers but advocate taking it slow and see how it works before we expand it. Actually, I think very few parents would put their children in schools teaching subversion or ignorance. Even if a few students do get educated in a curriculum that I find abhorrent or of which I disapprove, I could still support vouchers if on balance it improves education, which I think it would The GI bill was a voucher program allowing veterans to spend public education dollars at the school of their choice and that worked out pretty well. 

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