Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Tennessean reports on the State review of Davidson County Election Commission

In case you missed it:

'Pattern of serious errors' undermined elections 

by Michael Cass, The Tennessean, Apr. 25, 2013 -  The outcomes of two 2012 primary elections in Davidson County might have been influenced by the bungling of new voting technology, a blistering state review of the county’s election process has found.
“While minor mistakes are understandable, our review uncovered an unacceptable pattern of serious errors,” says the 26-page report by Mark Goins, the state coordinator of elections.  (link)

Nashville election chief bashes state report

by Michael Cass, The Tennessean, Apr. 27, 2013 - Davidson County Election Administrator Albert Tieche survived to work another day after enduring sometimes testy questioning by his bosses, who took a scathing state review to heart but decided not to discipline him after a nearly five-hour meeting Friday.
...Tieche contested virtually every charge made by Goins. He wrote that the review “focuses on fault and blame rather than fostering improvement.”
“A casual review of the draft report would cause one to conclude that it is written to be personal in nature.”.(link)

For background on this issue follow these links:
 A move afoot to fire Albert Tieche. Election Commision in turmoil. 
 The Tennessean reposts "Election commission gets good marks in audit"

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