Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1st Tuesday guest is Alberto Gonzales

1ST TUESDAY members and friends
Unless you've missed ALL that has been in news lately, you must have questions about  the WIDE ARRAY of breaking stories and investigations going on in Washington DC.
So.... you ask .. "WHO KNOWS"... understands and can answer questions about  the complex aspects of so many various political and legal topics ???....  
including questions applicable to...BUT .... not limited to ...
1]  The unfolding IRS scandal and the hearings in Congress ?   
Will we hear more from Lois Lerner? Can she still invoke the 5th Amendment?
2]  Team OBAMA's assault on FOX News, The AP, and others in the PRESS ?
Is FOX's James Rosen really a "co-conspirator" ?
3] Why can Team OBAMA still be preventing those who survived the attack at our  US Embassy in Benghazi from testifying ? 
How can an Ambassador die .. members of the Military refuse orders to "Stand Down" and join the effort to save fellow Americans .. No one answer where the President was that night... and still all these months later Congress is getting stonewalled by Team OBAMA?
4] How do the lines of responsibility and communication REALLY WORK between the White House and the various other Federal Government agencies including : 
a] Justice Department ? 
b] Treasury Department & the IRS ? 
c] State Department ?
d] "next DEPARTMENT to make the news" ?  
Again.."WHO KNOWS"... ... from actually having been ......inside the eye of many Washington DC political storms and "WHO KNOWS"  how it all really works ?....
Well..if you remember the classic NIKE ads. then you know the answer is .. "BO KNOWS"  !
In our case   ............  "ALBERTO KNOWS" 
"Alberto Knows" the Law
"Alberto knows" the White House
"Alberto knows" the politics of Washington DC
"Alberto knows" the Washington DC PRESS
"Alberto knows" the storms that form during a Washington DC scandal and crisis
Plan to join us at 1ST TUESDAY on June 4th... when our Guest Speaker will be [former] United States Attorney General, The Honorable, ALBERTO GONZALES
NO doubt, there will be MORE news.. and questions.. coming between now and our lunch event on Tuesday, June 4th... NO doubt, Mr Gonzales insights will be fascinating to say the least ! 
As usual, we will meet in the conference room at WALLER LAW - 511 Union Street -27th floor. Doors will open at 11AM for Coffee & Social Time. Lunch from Alexander's Catering starts at 11:30AM and our program will start promptly at NOON.
Lunch is $20 for MEMBERS and $25 for Guests and $30 at the door for all who have not paid in advance.Secure your seat at our 1ST TUESDAY website - www.1sttuesdaynashville.com and click on Shopping Cart.
Expect several other special guests to join us... so expect our noted Q&A SESSION to be remarkable !!!          [ but please don't address him as "BO"  ]
This will be a GREAT event to bring a guest or someone you know who is intrigued by what is happening these days in Washington DC. Please invite guests to join us. Expect full house of friends and others who are rarely able to join us.
Looking forward to seeing YOU at 1ST TUESDAY on TUESDAY, June 4th  !!
Tim Skow

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