Friday, May 10, 2013

Kathleen Starnes on the firing of Albert Tieche: Shame on all of you.

From Kathleen Starnes, former chair of the Davidson County Republican Party, as posted on Facebook:
I am so disappointed with Mark Goins and Tre Hargett interfering with Davidson Co Election Commission. It was very personal with Mark and a terrific AOE Albert Tieche. Ron Buchanan was Mark's whipping boy. Mark is out of his league and it is only a matter of time before he is removed. No one on this committee has ever even worked in the polls and they are making a decision after being appointed after 30 DaysI understand Tre Hargett has bigger ambitions but after this, dog catcher is not in his leagues. I am also not happy with Speaker Beth Harwell.  Ron Buchanan was her choice. Ron was so rude today. I was embarrassed for my party. Ron Buchanan needs to be removed. He is a liberal. His votes would not qualify him to even be on the Executive Board of the Republican Party. Shame on all of you.

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  1. Way To go Kathleen. I couldn't have said it better myself. Isn't it great to have freedom of speech. One of those delicious things in life. By the way, Beth Harwell is disappointing on many levels but I doubt she cares how we feel...

  2. Obviously, Kathleen Starnes personally knows Albert. I've personally known Albert for about 15 yrs. The AOE position is on the front line, in the trenches. I'm sure Albert would have been appreciated support, and those who know, respect, and support him would have applauded it. Anything other than support of this just man would indicate a personality conflict which sometimes becomes a personal vendetta. People are dismissed not based on what they've done, but rather who they are. Politicians, on either side, segregate and unify and Might equals Right. It's despicable. I can't reinstate Albert, but I can show my distrust and disgust by not showing up for a crucial vote and I will make that my vendetta to Mark Goins and others who chose their route so carelessly. I always think of the Star Wars quote suggesting when Obi-wan dies, there is a disturbance (vacuum) in the force. This created a tremor, disturbance, vacuum in the Republican party for me over such a petty cause, however, I feel, not believe, feel, that two wrongs do make a right in politics so count on me, a 45 yr voting Republican, my family, and those I can influence, to help set this straight. I hope those reading this will see what’s been done here and voice their disapproval as well. Anyone looking for a top-notch executive couldn’t do better than Albert Tieche. He has my highest recommendation.