Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Signs Point To Big Support For A Conservative Challenger To Senator Alexander, says Conservative HQ.

By CHQ Staff, 6/19/13 - The results are in from last weekend's canvas by the Real Conservatives National Committee's BEAT LAMAR project -- and they are very encouraging to any conservative contemplating taking on establishment Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of ...(link)

My Comment: You can't beat somebody with nobody and everybody who's anybody has already signed on as co-chairmen of Lamar's campaign. I don't think anyone can mount a credible campaign against Lamar. Also, Tennessee Republicans are pretty mainstream conservative and pretty independent and I think they are comfortable with Lamar.  Also, we have open primaries and lots of independents will vote in the Republican primary if there is an interesting contest, since the Democrats will probably not even mount a serious challenger, let alone two that could make a Democrat primary interesting. The independents who will vote in a Republican primary tend to be more moderate than the party activist. I just don't think Lamar has anything to worry about.

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