Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Perfectibility of Man is next Conservative Fusion selection, June 17

From Gene Wisdom organizer of The Conservative Fusion Book Study:

The next meeting of the Conservative Fusion Book Study will be June 17th at 7PM. For location, log in at the facebook site to receive notification or email Gene Wisdom.  

One of the core differences between conservatism and liberalism is in their views of the nature of man. Along with a view in the goodness of man, liberals tend to also believe in the mutability of the nature of man, that they, using the power of government, can mold and improve man's nature. Passmore's analysis looks at the history of that idea. It is my hope and goal that by better understanding the grounding of our opposing mindset, that of liberalism, we become stronger and better-informed conservatives. The book is published by Liberty Fund and can be purchased there (at, click on Books, search from there) or at

This Nashville-area Conservative Fusion group is dedicated to meeting and discussing, from a conservative, libertarian, or Constitutionalist perspective, ideas of public policy, political philosophy/worldview, and intellectual influences. Not about activism or partisan politics/electioneering (though important) or discussing organizational et ceteras. The name comes from the post-WWII conservative effort of "fusion" which sought to bring together the burgeoning strands of traditionalism, libertarianism, and anti-Communism. Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley, Jr. are perhaps the best-known personifications of this ideal. (Visit us on Facebook.)

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