Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dean bribes 'Nashville' to keep filming in Nashville. Council will rubber stamp it.

The show Nashville has agreed to keep filming in Nashville after the State gave a grant of $12.5 million as an "incentive" to the producers.  The State's "investment" was contingent upon the city of Nashville kicking in a half million. The Mayor agreed. The Council has not appropriated the money nor has the Council passed a memorializing resolution promising they would be willing to do so. This will be the very first time the city has spent money to entice a company to film a TV program or movie in Nashville. The Mayor can confidently pledge the money because he can take our rubber-stamp Council for granted. They always do what the Mayor wants. It will probably be approved without a dissenting vote.

I am not sure where the money will come from.  It is not in the budget which just passed.  I do not think this is something that can be spend out of the 4% Fund. I am not adamantly opposed to it if we have the money. Nashville reportedly generates $40 million in local spending, not to mention that it is a weekly hour-long commercial for our city. 'Nashville' will probably help fill the new convention center and boost tourism. I think I could be persuaded to support it. I am disappointed, however, that the Mayor can make such a commitment without consulting the Council. To read more about this, see the article in the Tennessee Watchdog which reported this.

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