Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is Governor Haslam turning Tennessee into Saudi Arabia?

You better get fitted for your burqa, because Governor Bill Haslam is rapidly imposing Sharia Law in Tennessee. That is, if you believe the wacko-nut-jobs. The piece I am posting below came from a small blog called Bradley County News. It would be little noticed except it is being reposted on sites like the Tennessee Eagle Forum Facebook page and Tennessee Federation of Republican Women Facebook page. National sites such as Creeping Sharia, post equally bizarre stuff. I am not sure how many people believe this stuff, but there are some.

One of the lead posters of right wing fringe paranoia conspiracy theory stuff in Tennessee is Rosine Ghawji, co-chair of the Memphis Tea Party but there are several others. Other fringe stuff concerns Agenda 21, Common Core, and FEMA concentration camps. I don't know how many Republicans buy into the nutty stuff; I hope not many. Certainly some of the issues the nut fringe promotes can be legitimately criticized. One may have legitimate concerns with Common Core or Agenda 21, but to see them as all part of a diabolical plot all interconnected is the thinking of a nut-job.

I don't want to attack other Republicans. I would rather focus on defeating Democrats but Republicans must call out the nut jobs and marginalize them from time to time. We can not let the loudest voices dominate the conversation. We should not let the fringe represent the movement or the party.

I am not sure I should repost this because by calling attention to it is to promote it. On the other hand, I want those who may not know how the nut-jobs are attacking our governor and how they are spreading irrational fear to see an example of what is being spread.

Governor Bill Haslams deliberate attempt to make Tennessee Sharia compliant- The Timeline 

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has made it clear by his repeated actions that he will pursue a policy that promotes the interest of Islamist and their radical ideology as long as he is governor.

The attempted takeover of our great state by the left, the progressive or the communist was expected. What was not expected was the underhanded approach by Governor Bill Haslam to dismantle our sovereignty one step at a time, methodically, making our state Sharia compliant with his policies.

Republican In Name Only Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has done all within his power to provide the venue for our demise.

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1 comment:

  1. Radical Islam IS a threat and we SHOULD be watchful of Islamist efforts, through Muslim Brotherhood-affiliates, to institute Shariah. BUT the Bradley County News' "Haslamist" timeline is stringing a thread through things that have nothing to do with Haslam. Instead their string looks more like fringe. I think they've been taking a swim in the fever swamps.

    Gene Wisdom