Thursday, July 11, 2013

John Duncan is lone House GOP Tennessee vote against the new central planning farm welfare bill.

The House passed a farm bill today and split up the farm-related programs from the food stamp program which is good news. However, they still passed the Soviet-style central planning farm welfare bill without making a single reform. To see how bad the farm bill really is follow this link.

John Duncan
They introduced the bill last night and rushed it though without allowing any amendments to the bill (link). It passed 216-208 with no Democrats supporting it and only twelve Republicans voting against it.  The Democrats voted against it because they did not want to split out the food stamp provision. Twelve Republicans voted against it on principle. It is beyond me to see how anyone who professes to believe in smaller government, holding the line on the growing national debt, and free enterprise could support this bill.

I am disappointed in all but one of the members of our Republican delegation, but I am especially disappointed in Marsha Blackburn who has always been one of my favorite legislators. I expected better from her.  John Duncan of Knoxville, was the only Republican member of the Tennessee delegation to vote against it. He is my new favorite Tennessee legislator. To see how representatives voted, follow this link

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