Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Missed MCC untility estimate by half! Council should investigate.

 Music City Center utilities running double what was projected
 NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The new Music City Center has been open for about two months, but the cost of running the new convention center is higher than what officials originally projected. In fact, the utilities are running double what was projected. The new projected amount for the operating budget is $5.3 million a year. Figures released Monday show the Music City Center is expected to lose $4.8 million this year, but tourist dollars are expected to make up that loss. (link)
My Comment:
What? Double? How does that happen? OK, I can understand being off 10%, maybe 15% but how do experts who are being relied upon to advise the administration and the Council estimate utility cost by half? They know the size of the building, they know its energy efficiency, they know the cost of utilities.  They fill in the blanks in a formula and hit " = " and get the answer. For experts who do this for a living  this is unacceptable. If this is off by half, what else is off by half? Was the Council intentionally misled? Is this just terribly incompetence or is this malfeasance. The Council should investigate. Who made the estimates? Someone should do a freedom on information request and see all email's between all relevant parties regarding utility estimates. Were we sold a pig in a poke?

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