Saturday, August 3, 2013

Common Core Based On UN Education Program and Agenda 21

Common Core Based On UN Education Program and Agenda 21. You know "Agenda 21?" That is the plan to take away our property rights and golf courses and then kill 96% of the worlds population by poisoning us all with aspartame and fluoride. We have to have Common Core so we can be dumbed down enough to be willing to embrace the global warming theory so we will support Agenda 21. This is no accident. It is all part of the big plan that was put together by the "insiders." You, know the "insiders?" The insiders include those people in the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral commission and the Club of Rome who are ushering in the New World Order. Yea, George W. Bush is part of it.  He talked about the New World Order. The insiders have been at it a long, long time. Who are the people behind these insider organizations and just who are the "insiders?" Well the Rockefellers were big insiders for a long time, but they are pretty much dead or retired. The Bilderburgs are still major insiders. And, of course Henry Kissinger. William F. Buckley was one. I know he was a conservative leader. But he was an insider also.  He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and The Bilderburg group and he was a Knights of Malta member. Oh, and a lot of insiders are Jewish bankers. You have to watch those Jewish bankers. I don't know when the insiders first gained power but I think if started about 1776 with the Illuminati. They were responsible for the French Revolution, you know. Ever since then, the insiders have been pulling the strings. They engineered the American Civil War. I forget why, but they were pulling the stings. Also, they allowed Hitler to come to power. And Communism was not its own conspiracy but was part of the insider conspiracy. I know some of this doesn't make sense, but just ask the John Birch Society.  They have it all figured out. When they explain it, it makes sense. If you doubt the John Birch Society, listen to Alex Jones. He knows. Oh, and on a good day, Glen Beck will scratch the tip of the ice berg. There are a lot of people who know. Jessie Ventura sometimes exposes part of it. It is hard to figure it all out, however.  I tell you, these insiders are slick. They are still trying to build that NAFTA superhighway, I think. I don't know for sure, but I think they are still doing that.  They need the NAFTA superhighway so they can drive us in caravans to the FEMA concentration camps. Oh, and somewhere in all of this, I think the Masons are involved. Anyway just know that Common Core is part of the Agenda 21 and..........

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  1. Rod, please take a closer look at Common Core. The piece you cited in National Review about CC was by a couple of its advocates. There has been far more written at/in NR against it. Tbe Heritage Foundation is also against it. I'm sorry you weren't able to make it to the Conservatives Group gathering last week at Logan's. Steve Gill spent much of his talk about about CC and the huge corruption involved in that process. I need to study more about it too but I am very suspicioius of any attempt to standardize education between states. Many states did quite well before such efforts and the standardization will do nothing to actually raise any measures. Let state and local school boards/departments be responsible to their own citizens. One doesn't have to be a world government conspiracy nut to suspect CC.

  2. Rod, is it any easier for you to believe that Phil Bredesen rewrote ALL the math and English Language Arts standards in his spare time at National Governor's Association conferences?

    That he took this on with 11 other govenors despite no public requests by the Tennessee taxpayers asking him to or participating in a public comment phase?

    That despite Tennessee's poor NAEP academic record and the "F" in advertising fiasco (which is often used as a lever by Frist & Woodson & Pinkston's SCORE to justify the "reforms" of Common Core "state" standards) that "all the states" would choose Phil in a small group to rewrite the standards for their states?

    That after allegedly rewriting ALL the math and English Language Arts standards, Phil came back home and didn't implement ANY of it?

    That's the official government story.

    I have shown you Bill Gates' 2004 UNESCO contract.
    He dumped millions into forming Common Core with David Coleman (not Phil Bredesen) writing the standards via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to the CCSSO. It's right on their website. Look at the grants. Coleman is now "reforming" the SAT as president of the College Board. He is not a teacher. Never was. Maybe that should matter to somebody. He is Michelle Rhee's treasurer at StudentsFirst. Does that name ring a bell? Maybe you know her ex-husband, our current Commissioner of Education appointed by Bill Haslam.

    Bill also just happens to be on the board for Achieve Inc. Achieve Inc. is the project manager for PARCC, one of the Common Core "state" Standards testing arms created by the funding from Race To The Trough, which required acceptance and implementation of the Common Core "state" Standards to get the federal dough. I guess Bill learned a lot about Math and English Language Arts standards as Knoxville mayor kinda like Phil did in the healthcare industry. Achieve Inc. is also an affiliate of Pearson publishing, one of the major publishers getting millions to "align" their curriculum to the Common Core "state" Standards - and creators of the Next Generation Science standards (but I know, Common Core "state" Standards have nothing to do with science).

    Like I said before, there are many competing interests.

    Of course, you could always read the state DOE's "new" Common Core propaganda flyer on the state website. Funny it didn't come out in 2008, but now seems necessary.

    I'll give you something real interesting to watch. IF it actually ever happens in a public forum, the announced Senate education committee 'fact-finding' meetings looking into Common Core should be revealing. I doubt it will see the light of day once those folks realize they already voted for it years ago. It would be tough explaining how they didn't know that - since the states allegedly created it all. And going against the board member from Achieve Inc. And the former Senators in SCORE. And so on.

    I hope they have the courage to do it.