Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Council gives final approval for $14 million Ice rink

Last night the Metro Council tied up the loose ends and finalized the deal to spend $14 million dollars for a new hockey facility located at the old Hickory Hollow mall, now known as the Global Mall. The three bills finalizing the deal passed unanimously.

Yes, it passed unanimously. Think about your favorite Republican council member.  Who is it? He or she voted for this. I am very disappointed that all forty members agree that this is a great deal.  I am disappointed that not a single council members said, "wait a minute, can we afford this?" 

I was pleased when we elected eight or nine Republicans to the Council and another person who although I suspect is a Democrat, I thought would be conservative on fiscal matters. I attended their fund raisers and supported their candidacy. As it turns out, the "conservatives" on the council only rarely vote different than the progressives.  Now, most things the Council votes on are matter in which there is not a liberal-conservative divide, but when there are, there might as well not be.  The "conservatives" on the Council vote for minimum price fixing for limousine services, they vote to confirm members to the Human Relations Commission who approve of Metro's promotion of youth homosexuality, they vote to urge the EPA to aggressively pursue strenuous enforcement of an arbitrarily established CO2 limits that was established without congressional approval, they vote to praise young people who take part in pro gay activism, and most of them failed to support an alternative budget which would not have raised taxes.  I expected a loyal opposition to develop that would represent a segment of our community that is conservative. As it has turned out, I see no benefit to having Republicans on the metro Council.

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