Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lamar's new ad: Standing up Against Obamacare

NASHVILLE, TN – Lamar Alexander’s re-election campaign today announced the launch of a statewide television ad setting the record straight regarding Senator Alexander’s consistent, principled stand against Obamacare.

The ad begins, “Lamar Alexander led the conservative fight against Obamacare. Voted twenty-three times against it. Stood up to the president at the White House Health Care Summit.”

Alexander’s debate with President Obama at the White House Health Care Summit is highlighted in the spot.  The two spar over Alexander’s statement that the president’s plan would lead to more expensive
health insurance premiums for individuals.  Later, both the president and Fox News affirmed that Lamar was right, and the president was wrong, about the true costs of Obamacare.

The 60-second television ad airs statewide beginning August 29.

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    Since that clip was his position in 2010 and he was "right", why did Lamar! flip flop his vote to spend our money on Obamacare this March?

  2. Lamar and Obama run a good race seeing who can lie the most. This You tube disabled comments for his video. How convenient.
    Anyone that is interested just has to check his voting record to know the truth. There is a slim chance he could be beaten but if not, we will be stuck with 2 Senators that will vote with the democrats more than with the real conservatives. That is a real fact. Real unfortunate for Tennessee.