Tuesday, August 20, 2013

State Rep. Joe Carr Announces Alexander Challenge

Joe Carr
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (AP) - Sen. Lamar Alexander's efforts to ward off a primary challenge from the right fell short Tuesday with Tennessee state Rep. Joe Carr's announcement that he will mount a tea party challenge for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.

Carr, a Murfreesboro business consultant, told WTN-FM host Ralph Bristol that he decided to abandon his challenge to embattled U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais to instead take on Alexander because he considers the senator "the most liberal member of the delegation from Tennessee." (link)

My comment:
Just now hearing this, I will have to let it sink in. 

This is certainly good news for Jim Tracy.  Jim Tracy was ahead in fund raising and appeared to be destined to beat Carr in the three-way primary between DesJarlais, Tracy and Carr.  Tracy should now win that primary handily.

I have serious reservations about Joe Carr.  The main thing that concerns me is that he was the sponsor of a bill in the state legislature that would have made it a crime to enforce any new federal gun laws in Tennessee. If his bill would have passed, local law enforcement agents would have been required to arrest Federal agents enforcing Federal gun laws in the state. Imagine Barney arresting Marshall Dillon. Someone could die.  If the Federal Government violates the Second Amendment, the proper course of action is to challenge it in the courts, not start a rebellion.  The supremacy clause is as much as part of the Constitution as the tenth amendment.

While Joe Carr is the most qualified of any of the other potential candidates mentioned as possible challengers to Alexander, I don't think he can take the nomination away from Alexander.

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  1. So far, then, we just have another nullificationist in the race. I very much want Alexander out of that seat but am also put off by Carr's sponsorship of the nullification bill. I also want someone of the caliber of a Ted Cruz or Mike Lee. Not sure Carr is that person or if that will be possible.

    I guess of the three challengers Carr might be my favorite but I want to learn more about him. I am a Constitutionalist conservative but I don't buy into the nullificationist position. It is a dangerous position based on a poor reading of history.

  2. "I don't think he can take the nomination away from Alexander."

    I think he CAN. People are that dissatisfied with Alexander at this point.


  3. It may ironic.. but Joe Carr [or anyone who hasn't consolidated the support of the multitude of TEA-party groups scattered across TN] changing in mid-stream may actually help Lamar !! Joe can use the $275K he raised running for Congress [unless some ask for their $$ back] so he has some already on hand. But it is certainly up for discussion if Joe is the strongest candidate the TEA-party crowd could have.. or would have recruited had Joe not jumped in on his own. Joe has little $$$, less name ID.... a no base to mention in East TN, where the bulk of Republican primary voters live. But Joe announcing now will surely cause any other TEA-party prospect to rethink getting into the primary. The only thing harder than beating Lamar for the TEA-party to do.... is to try and beat Lamar in a Republican primary with multiple TEA-party candidates in the same primary.
    Tim Skow