Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bob Corker on the Continuing Resolution and the effort to stop Obamacare

From Senator Bob Corker:

I wanted to take the opportunity to share my position during what has been a confusing debate on the Senate floor over the last few days.  I am concerned about the negative effects the President’s health care reform law is having on our state, our country, and future generations. I have continued to oppose Obamacare at every turn, including efforts to repeal and defund it.

Today, I voted in support of advancing the House continuing resolution that would permanently defund Obamacare while funding the federal government. After the defunding provision in the bill was struck by an amendment that I opposed, I voted against passage of the amended bill. The bill, nonetheless, passed the Senate with only Democratic votes, and now moves back to the House. In the House, Republicans have the majority and can make other good policy changes that continue the fight against Obamacare. I hope the House can send something back to the Senate that will pass both chambers.

Some have suggested that it would be better to shut down the government rather than accept a bill that lacks the Obamacare defunding provision. But this would be self-defeating: a shutdown would not prevent Obamacare’s implementation because the funding for it is almost entirely mandatory, meaning that it occurs regardless of a shutdown. This tactic would only divert attention from the cascading reports of the very real consequences of the law for individuals, families and American businesses.

This doesn’t mean we say "game over." It means we work toward actual solutions that have a possibility of becoming a reality. I look forward to the Senate taking up the bill again after the House improves it.

Comment: Since the above, the House has passed an amendment to the CR that delays ObamaCare for one year. The Senate will take that up on Monday. Harry Reid says it is DOA and President Obama has said he will veto it if it passes. Obama has said he will not compromise. In my view, Republican Senators should hold firm anyway. If my understanding of what happens next is correct, should Democrats prevail in the Senate and refuse to pass the House version, the two versions would then go to conference committee. I would urge more compromise on the part of the House, should that occur, maybe a CR of only 6 months and a 6 month delay of Obamacare should be proposed.

If the Democrats and Obama will not accept any compromise, then reluctantly we should let them shut down the government. Republicans will likely get the blame. They should immediately start calling the shutdown the "Obama Shutdown," and engage in a massive PR and advertising campaign to label the shutdown as such. We should see TV ads and billboards lamenting the "Obama Shutdown." In every interview, Republicans should regret the "Obama Shutdown." We should spend millions to get out the message. We should make this backfire on the Democrats. Republicans should not let liberal elites and media control the labeling of the shutdown. Republicans should be prepared to do massive labeling and damage control.

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  1. I agree with all that senator has said. This obamacare is a joke and it is a slippry slope in to comunism. This is the Obama shut down.