Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What is on the Council Agenda tonight, September 10,2013? Several really bad bills!

Unfortunately, due to my schedule this week, I will be unable to give as detailed analysis of the council agenda as I normally do. I will point out some highlights.

You can get your own copy of the Metro council meeting agenda at this link: Metro Council Agenda. And, you can get the Council staff analysis at this link: Metro Council Staff Analysis.

Anything that is on third and final reading was on second reading, most likely last council  meeting. To see my analysis of what was on the agenda last council meeting follow this link: http://www.adisgruntledrepublican.com/2013/08/whats-on-council-agenda-for-august-20.html.

There is an anti-Charter School resolution on the agenda. It needs to be defeated. To read my analysis of the bill, follow this link:  http://www.adisgruntledrepublican.com/2013/09/anti-charter-school-resolution-before.html.

A resolution to appropriate half a million dollars to subsidize the production of "Nashville" in Nashville is on the agenda.  If  I were serving in the Council I would vote against it.  Nashville will still get the benefit of the good PR, the skyline shots will still be of Nashville, and the name will still be "Nashville" no matter where it is filmed. Council should not approve this, but our rubber stamp council will most likely do so.

The rezoning of Gallatin Road is on the agenda. This is poor zoning. Planners can not get too far ahead of the market or they stifle growth instead of guide growth. For more on this issue see here under "Bills on First" reading.

A really bad bill is on the agenda on second reading, that would dictate that any contractor doing work on a city project would have to hire a certain number of local people who have "barriers to employment" and would require that these people reside in certain zip codes.  It will most likely be deferred. It needs to be defeated. This is not a bill that can be improved. The concept is wrong. It will drive up cost on city projects.

There is also another bad bill similar to the one above that sets "goals" for minority and female contractors doing work on city related projects. It needs to be defeated. It is on third reading. I have explained this bill when it was on second reading. It will be interesting to see if any of the so-called "conservatives" on the council take a stand against this bill, or as usual if they vote exactly like the most "progressive" members of the council.

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