Friday, November 1, 2013

Council Members Express Concern Over Election Administrator's Appointment

Important update: Robert Duvall did not sign that letter.

See this from the Nashville Scene: Council Members Express Concern Over Election Administrator's Appointment.  

The Scene says the letter expressing concern over the Election Administrator's Appointment is bipartisan. It is worth nothing who the six are that signed the letter:  Lonnell Matthews, Brady Banks, Anthony Davis, Edith Taylor Langster, Karen Johnson and Robert Duvall.

Only one of six who signed that letter is a Republican. However, he is an important Republican. Robert Duvall is the Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party.

I would have been very concerned if a Republican would not have gotten the appointment. This system is designed so that whichever party controls the State House controls the election commission in every county in the State. The Commission should have chosen a Republican. However, I was concerned about the particular Republican chosen. I explained by concern in this post: Update : 10-29-2013- As expected the Davidson County Election Commission selected Kent Wall as Election Administrator yesterday. 

I was concerned because it may appear that the Davidson County Republican Women are controlling the Election Commission. The newly appointed Davidson County Election Commission Administrator, Kent Wall, is the husband of Susan Wall who is Chair of the Davidson County Republican Women and Ron Buchanan, Chairman of the Commission, is the husband of Vicki Buchanan, a Vice Chair of the Davidson County Republican Women. That relationship just appears too cozy.

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1 comment:

  1. It is a shame that you don't check out stories before blasting a fellow Republican. It is now acknowledged that Robert Duvall's name was added without his permission, Check the morning paper for those who actually agreed to sign it. A call to Robert would have saved you this embarrassment.