Friday, November 29, 2013

How Obama is trying to ruin your Thanksgiving

It is unfortunate but my family has had many holiday get togethers ruined due to political arguments. My mother and three of my siblings and their spouses are liberal and one of my brothers and I are conservative. We have had holidays end in anger ever since we fought over Vietnam in the seventies. I guess the last time we had a nasty holiday argument was at Christmas about three years ago. Since then I think we have all tried to be on our best behavior.

We avoid serious topics that could lead to conflict. I let a lot of incendiary things slide because I would rather let them slide by rather than ruin a family get together.  There are landmines everywhere however.  Even an innocent remark about the weather may lead to a discussion about global warming which may lead to a discussion of how to combat it or how much of the bad weather is attributable to GW and that may lead to spirited disagreement and someone calling someone else ignorant or otherwise getting personal. When people share what they are thankful for and someone says they are thankful Obama is our President, I have a hard time not saying I'm thankful we have a Republican House of Representatives and Obama only has three years to go and maybe if we are lucky we can undo the damage.  Watching TV can be very dangerous. I can't restrain myself from uttering derogatory comments if MSMBC's left wing propagandist or that smart-ass insulting Bill Maher is on and I they say something that really makes me boil but everyone else finds it is oh so very clever.  And, they will not restrain themselves if I turn the TV to Fox News.

I love my family, but we see the world so very differently.  Patriotic songs or a commercial which may cause me to get a lump in my throat, they see as jingoistic and maudlin. We don't admire the same people or see events in the same light nor are we outraged over the same things. I really do enjoy being with them for short periods of time. We joke, have sing alongs, and tell funny stories. Spending more than one day however, can be stressful. It is hard to be on guard all the time not to say something that sets someone else off or to stifle myself when someones else says something with which I disagree.

I know my family is not unique in that political discussion can lead to conflict and I am sure that like my family, many families make a conscious decision to avoid conflict. Unfortunately the Obama administration is sowing the seeds of family discord this year. The Obama administration is encouraging families to talk about Obamacare at the Thanksgiving dinner table, a sure fire way to set off an argument.

This video is produced by Organizing for Action, the perpetual Obama campaign organization.

In an email to the faithful, Obama even encourages people to talk about Obmacare at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The OFA has launched a website to guide people in making their pro-Obamacare arguments. You can visit the website  Heathcare for the Holidays. It tells you how to "Plan your talk," how to "start the conversation," and ask you to "pledge to have the talk."

This campaign to ruin Thanksgiving has been picked up by MSMBC and tonight I saw a panel sitting around a dinner table talking about the same things covered on the website.  They were giving tips on how to argue with those who might give the standard criticisms of Obamacare such as the website doesn't work, it will cause employers to hire fewer full time employees, and premiums are increasing. 

Just when it seems my family was learning out to avoid family conflict during the holidays, Obama is throwing fuel on the fire and encouraging us to talk about a controversial topic. We have had enough ruined family holidays without his help. Unfortunately, I will not get to be with my extended family this Thanksgiving and probably not for Christmas either due to my wife's health. With Obama encouraging his followers to make his arguments at the dinner table and coaching them on what to say, maybe it is a good thing I will not be home for the holidays.

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