Thursday, December 19, 2013

Democrats see Lamar as vulnerable. Plan to mount serious challenge with unknown candidate.

I just got this email. Notice that it is signed by all the Tennessee Democrat big wigs.  The Democrats think they can beat Lamar Alexander.  I seriously doubt it. Alexander is not vulnerable because he is too conservative, but because he is perceived as too liberal.  I doubt tea party Republican will vote for a Democrat.  What could happen however is, if Carr should somehow pull an upset and take the nomination away from Alexander, we had all better get used to the sound of "Senator Terry Adams."

Tennessee Democrats for A New U.S. Senator
Today at 3:18 PM
Dear friends,

The world has changed!
We are writing because last week two separate polls revealed how vulnerable Lamar Alexander has become. Tennesseans are disgusted with Washington politicians and instinctively realize that you can’t fix the disaster in Washington by sending the same people back there that made the mess to begin with.  As a long-time Washington politician, Alexander’s favorable rating statewide was a horrendous 37%.

43% of all voters dislike him. Even half the Republicans in Tennessee rate him as unfavorable. That’s amazing – but that explains why he has a very slim 6-point lead over a Tea Party challenger with very low name I.D. In fact it looks like there is a strong “anybody but Alexander” movement among Tennessee Republicans.

If this sounds familiar, remember that the “Tea Party” upset no fewer than eight establishment Republicans in the last two election cycles. They won surprising victories in Texas, Florida, Delaware, Indiana, Utah, Missouri, Nevada and Colorado.

That seems promising, but the polling is even more encouraging. If Alexander survives the coming Tea Party onslaught, he is extremely vulnerable to a candidate like Terry Adams who is a veteran, a small businessman and not a politician. That profile wins 67 – 13%!

After giving voters only a short description, Terry beats Alexander 41% - 37%. We have never seen poll numbers this encouraging against an “icon” like Lamar Alexander. Clearly, opportunity is knocking. We absolutely must answer the door and usher in a new day in Tennessee.

That’s why we’re supporting Terry Adams for the U.S. Senate. We invite you to talk with Terry or ask any one of us about the race.

We have all made contributions to Terry’s campaign and we are asking you to do the same. The federal maximum for this election cycle is $5,200.  The time is now – if Terry comes out of the gate with a strong FEC report, his campaign could transform into an unstoppable steamroller.
Just click here  to give.

Please give generously - then forward this email to your friends and associates. You might also post to Facebook and send a Tweet.    
Thanks for your friendship and your support.
Chris Anderson, Chattanooga City Council   Roy Herron, Democratic Party Chair
Justin Bailey Doug Horne, Former Dem. Party Chair
D'Army Bailey Gloria Johnson, TN State Representative
Charles Bone Clark Jones
Charles Robert Bone J. W. Luna
David Briley Olan Mills
Brian Capps, Past Pres., TAJ Sally Sparks, KBR President-Elect
Will Cheek, Former Dem. Party Chair Mike Stevens, Past President, TN Homebuilders   
Chip Forrester, Former Dem. Party Chair Mike Turner, TN House Dem. Caucus Chair
  Bob Tuke, Former Dem. Party Chair

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