Saturday, December 21, 2013

If Obama didn't ruin your Thanksgivng, he is planning to ruin your Christmas

I got this from the official Obamanista organization:

Friend --

As you get ready to celebrate with your loved ones, I wanted to pass along a few final tips to help in those conversations about health care you know are coming up.

Here's a little cheat sheet of facts:
1. Because of Obamacare, you can't be dropped from your plan just because you get sick.
2. You can't be denied coverage just because of your health.
3. You might qualify for financial assistance to help you pay for your plan. (Seriously. Use this calculator to check out how much folks might save.)
4. Your insurance policy can no longer limit the amount of care your provider covers over your lifetime.
5. You can't be charged more just because you're a woman. No more out-of-pocket expenses for mammograms and contraception.
Then go back to your previously scheduled holiday plans. If you want more facts to share with friends and family over dinner, head here:

Thanks -- and happy holidays,
Beth Kelly
Deputy Health Care Campaign Manager
Organizing for Action
I suspect that after Christmas, the Obamanistas will be reporting back to OFA on what was said at the Christmas dinner table, the way they did after Thanksgiving.  Does that mean if you are outspoken in disagreement, you may get a tax audit?

If my liberal relatives want to discuss Obamacare at Christmas I am going to try to salvage Christmas by not having the discussion. It will take a lot of self control to not take the bait however. If you anticipate being forced into a debate of Obamacare this Christmas, you may want to brush up on your talking points. Here is a good source of information.

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