Friday, December 27, 2013

The Tennessean says, "Airlines should be free to make decisions on cellphone use."

I could not agree more with the Tennessean's position on this issue. Every problem or potential problem does not require a government response. If government will stay out of the way, the market and people will settle a lot of issues themselves. I am very disappointed that Lamar Alexander is the sponsor of the bill to ban cell phone use on planes.

Our View: Airlines should be free to make decisions on cellphone use

Cellphone conversations are not, in and of themselves, the health hazard that second-hand smoke is, and airlines should make their own decisions on how obtrusive technology is used on board their flights, not Congress. The Department of Transportation should give the responsibility to each airline on how they restrict cellphone usage.

It is too infrequent that regulators ease their restrictions, and we should not be too quick to relinquish choices to a political and bureaucratic infrastructure that we may later regret.

Technologies change, and airlines might find solutions that work for all, but not if legal and regulatory hurdles prevent even thinking about innovation.

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