Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nashville could not ban guns in city parks under Sen. Stacey Campfield's bill

From WBIR:
Nashville and many other Middle Tennessee cities could be forced to remove bans on handguns in their parks if a push under way in the Tennessee legislature succeeds.

Gun rights advocates and several lawmakers are throwing their weight behind legislation that would overturn local restrictions on handguns in public parks, five years after cities and counties were told they could opt out of a state law that opened parks to handgun owners.(link)

My Comment:  
In August 2009 the Metro Council voted to ban handguns in Metro Parks by a vote of 22 in favor and 18 opposed. Had I been in the Council I would have joined those opposing the ban.  I am not concerned that licensed handgun permit holders are going to commit gun violence in the parks and I do not think armed thugs without permits are going to be deterred by a ban.

Many opponents of the State telling cities what they may and may not do, allege that  it is hypocritical to oppose the Federal government dictating to the states and yet embrace the State dictating to the cities. There is major difference. States have sovereignty; cities do not. The federal government is a creation of the states, states are not a creation of the cities within the state.  Any power a city has is because it is granted by the state. The power of the federal government is power relinquished by States to the federal government. The Federal government can not abolish a State; a State could withdraw the charter of a city. Federal is to State, is not the same relationship as State is to city.

The State is within its rights to ban a city from granting protected victim status to homosexuals, to let the decision on approving charter schools reside with State, or prohibiting a city from banning guns in city parks. I support Campfield's bill.

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