Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Business owner's right to religious freedom bill needs your support. Now!

Urgent message from Gene Wisdom
My fellow TN Conservatives:
Testimony on this bill (link to text below) is being heard today by the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee and protects the right of people/businesses with religious objections to not be required to provide services (e.g., flowers, cakes, photography) to same-sex weddings.  I know some of you who are more libertarian here support same-sex marriage but on this issue of property rights and religious liberty I think you would agree people should be free to provide or not provide such services without fear of lawsuits.  The legislation denies a cause of civil action of anyone seeking to sue such providers for refusing to provide them. 
Please call your own Senator and urge them to support this bill.  Also, please call the members of the Judiciary Committee (at least the Republicans) and urge them to support this bill.  I called the Republicans a few minutes ago and three of the seven told me they had received HUNDREDS of calls against it and that I was the FIRST to call in support.  They NEED to hear from us.  PLEASE call as soon as possible. 
Committee Republicans:
--Kelsey:              741-3036
--Overbey:          741-0981
--Campfield:       741-1766
--Bell:                    741-1946
--Gardenhire:    741-6682
--Green:              741-2374
--Stevens:           741-4576
For the text of the bill:
Gene Wisdom

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