Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Corker changed his vote and voted to end the Curz debt limit fillibuster; Alexander did not.

A few days ago I posted on the Senate drama of the cloture vote to end the filibuster and vote on the debt ceiling. At the time I had said that five Republican Senators had joined the Democrats to reach the 60 vote threshold necessary to cut off debate. That original post is at this link.

Initially only the five Senators I listed in my post voted for cloture.  However, after reaching the 60 vote threshold, seven Republicans who had originally voted against cloture changed their vote and voted for it, making the total vote for cloture 67-31.

These are the Republicans who ended up supporting the cloture motion: Barrasso (R-WY),   Collins (R-ME),   Corker (R-TN),   Cornyn (R-TX),   Flake (R-AZ),   Hatch (R-UT),   Johanns (R-NE),   Kirk (R-IL),   McCain (R-AZ),   McConnell (R-KY),   Murkowski (R-AK),  and Thune (R-SD).

Please note that Senator Corker was one of those who changed his vote and ended up voting for cloture; Lamar Alexander was not.

To see the official Senate  roll call tally on the motion, follow this link.

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  1. Rod, Corker's vote is part of why I disagree with you about Lamar. Corker is safely past the nearest election and, despite his dog and pony budget show earlier, now feels it is safe to vote with the establishment crowd (his ACU rating and other indications tell me he wasn't a reliable conservative to begin with). Lamar will do the same. I'm still extremely disappointed in the field and so I'll make a protest vote against Lamar in the primary but obviously a Democrat would be disastrous so I'll vote for him in the general. Are some of Cruz's actions in the Senate ultimately "counter-productive"? I suppose so, in the mainstream media sense. But at the levels of spending and deficits going on I am happy to see someone shouting from the rooftops about this issue. If these levels continue, there were be any rooftops to stand on. I know you understand these issues very well but I hope you'll see more to admire--and support--in Cruz et al. I'm still far from the Joe Carr nullificationist wing and always will be but there is still strong conservative ground between Alexander/establishment types and the nullificationists.