Friday, February 21, 2014

Sanity rules. House rejects attempt to broaden guns-in-parking-lots 'fix'

House rejects attempt to broaden guns-in-parking-lots ‘fix’

The House rejected Thursday an attempt to prohibit companies from firing employees who hold a handgun carry permit for keeping a gun in a car after House Majority Leader Gerald McCormick contended the proposal was not properly filed.

The move came when McCormick’s bill to make a minor change in the “guns in parking lots law” enacted last year came to the House floor. Rep. Mark Pody, R-Lebanon, filed a proposed amendment – backed by the Tennessee Firearms Association – that substantially broadened the Senate-approved bill (SB1701).

McCormick, R-Chattanooga, wanted only to change a provision of current law that says a carry permit holder cannot be criminally prosecuted for having a gun in his or her “privately-owned vehicle,” even if on property where guns are prohibited. The wording means that if the carry permit holder is driving a rental car or someone else’s car – that of a relative or friend, for example – the protection would not apply. McCormick’s bill changes the wording to cover any vehicle in the permit holder’s legal possession.

Pody sought to put a separate bill he has filed, HB1667, onto McCormick’s bill as an amendment. His proposals says a person cannot be fired for any legal possession of any item kept in a vehicle. (link)
My Comment: While a lot of really bad bills get introduced, not many of them pass and those that do are usually watered down such that they hardly resembled what they started out as and by the time they pass are often harmless. A bill a couple years ago started out as something that would have criminalized practicing Islam. By the time it passed it made it illegal to materially support terrorism, a far cry from making it illegal to practice Sharia.  The guns is trunks bill is basically harmless, not the private property trampling bill the advocates originally wanted. The system works pretty good. 

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