Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Joe Carr: "Work hard, Nap Hard."

    Representative Joe Carr's campaign against Senator Lamar Alexander is not going that well. There are many Republicans who may feel that Alexander is insufficiently conservative for their taste but few of them are jumping on the Carr bandwagon. The national tea party organizations that have primaried other more moderate Republicans in other states but have not come to the aid of Carr. Carr's campaign can not gain traction or get much media coverage.

    Last week Carr was invited to appear on Glen Beck's The Blaze Internet radio program on a segment called Doc Thompson. While The Blaze is not mainstream press, it is the most successful Internet media outlet in the nation. While an insufficient number of Tennesseans would have heard Carr on The Blaze to make a significant impact directly among the electorate of Tennessee, it could have been a shot in the arm to a lagging campaign.  It could have resulted in funding flowing to the campaign from sources outside the state and possibly some volunteers would have come in to campaign for him and it could have created a buzz among die hard tea party types and resulted in nationalizing a lack luster campaign.   Unfortunately for Carr he overslept and missed the show.

    From his first bolt out of the chute when he posted a sign that said, "Carr of Sentate" to this, his campaign has been a joke. I am not the greatest speller in the world but I do have spell check and do not think I would have misspelled "Senate" in my campaign material. Joe Carr is more of a joke than a serious candidate. Is former SNL personality and tea party visionary Victoria Jackson running his campaign? Just wondering.

    His sleep-in has resulted in derision and made Carr the butt of jokes. Here is some twitter samples.
    • Nate Harrison “Joe Carr, Creating Pillow-Ready Jobs for TN” 

    • VSean C@seanycanfly Mar 18 @RepJoeCarr a stand up guy. No wait. A lay down guy "elect me and I'll go to DC and...... zzzzzzzzz" 
    • #joecarrcampaignslogan NEW SIGN OFF Good morning Joe Carr where ever you are. Onyon you go home now.
    •   Dr Know@johnwhalenb @DocThompsonShow  #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan Joe Carr Go To Guy or Where'd that guy go to?
    •   Dr Know@johnwhalenb Mar 18 @DocThompsonShow #WhatILearnedToday #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan Joe Carr Stand Up Guy, no wait, a guy that stands people up,
    •   JaredOffTheGrid@nero_jared  "Ho ho, what's this? An extra hour of sleep!" FallBack > SpringFwd

    •   Dr Know@johnwhalenb @DocThompsonShow #WhatILearnedToday #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan There's no SNORE in Senator, oh wait, there is, and two other letters too...
    •   JaredOffTheGrid@nero_jared @DocThompsonShow @skiplacombe Screw Income inequality, I'll fight against sleep inequality.. Just a few more minutes. 
    •   Mike Hunt@youseenmikehunt #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan "I will pass no bill before I sleep on it"
    •   Heisenberg™@bigevan67   If you're running for the Senate and stand up @TheBlazeRadio #You'reDoingItWrong
    •   Heisenberg™@bigevan67@DocThompsonShow #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan I don't always appear on radio, but when I do, It's in my dreams!!
    •   Wayne Rice@wayneblairrice #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 
    • #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan Always willing to do America's work in @skiplacombe's king sized bed 
    •   Travis Trupiano@tctrupiano #JoeCarrCampaignSlogan Tennessee can be fixed, but I gotta have 5 more minutes. 

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    1. You sound like a whining RINO.

    2. You forgot about the part where Doc speaks highly of Danny Page for Senate and that he got up early for the show twice. You are correct. Danny got several volunteers and supporters from it. Plus some Carr lost because of the stupid decision that he'll probably blame on someone like per diem and plagiarism and sentate.

    3. Oh and Doc invited Danny over at #FreePAC in KY. Annnnd Freedom Works told Joe NO. Leahy was seen begging. Nope. Not gonna happen. However.... August 8th you have an option.