Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amy Frogge steps up her attack on charter schools: They "opeate like vultures," "shodowy motives"

Amy Frogge
by Joey Garrison, The Tennessean, April 22 - The Metro school board's fiercest charter school critic called for an "end game" on what future Nashville charters should look like during a blunt speech Tuesday that made accusations of profiteering and corporate interference.

Board member Amy Frogge, calling for Metro to hit the "pause button" to think strategically on charters, used strongly worded closing remarks at Tuesday's board meeting to argue the district has gotten away from "early visionaries" who saw charters as simply labs of innovation.

"Many charter schools today have become something very different as corporations, not educators, are increasingly involved in setting their directions," she said. "Charter schools have become competitors with traditional schools for funding and for students. (link)

My Comment: I hope a qualified candidate runs against Amy Frogge next school board election. She needs to go! Here vitriolic attacks and relentless campaign against charter schools is unacceptable. Charter schools are outperforming traditional schools and people like Amy Frogge just can not stand it. They want to protect mediocrity and hate the competition that shows just how poorly regular public schools perform.

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