Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mark Winslow threatens to sue me.

I received the following communication from Mark Winslow.  Winslow has a tendency to sue people. He has sued the Tennessee Republican Party in the past.

Mark Winslow
Mark Winslowunless you can produce proof of anything i have said about Melissa Blackburn's party affiliation, i strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with this state's libel laws
What I said that causes Winslow to communicate  the above was this:
Early in her campaign, prior to the qualifying deadline, Winslow started working for Blackburn as her paid campaign manager. He reportedly took her around introducing her to people telling them that she was really a Republican but was running as a Democrat because her chances of getting elected were much greater in Davidson County if she ran as a Democrat. (link)
I did not state it for a fact but said "reportedly."  I was told this by more than one person.  I may need to seek legal assistance but I will not be intimidated. To read more about Winslow  go here, here, and here.

If Mark Winslow wants to be on the payroll of Democrat seeking political office, he should do the honorable thing and resign from the State Executive Committee.  One can not possible serve the interest of the Republican Party and also serve the interest of your Democrat candidate employer. One cannot serve two masters.

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  1. Libel doesn't really apply to public figures