Thursday, April 3, 2014

update: More Metro budget hearings: Human Relations, Codes, Library, Planning, Election Commission, MTA, more.

Human Relations Mayoral Budget Hearing, 
Human Relations is the metro department responsible for promoting political correctness. They teach young Nashvillians that homosexuality is normal and they sponsor a Youth Pavilion at the Nashville Gay Pride festival.  This department should be abolished. They do a few good things but those could be done by non-profits or other agencies. This hearing is only 16 minutes long. The commission ask for funding for two additional people. One of them would be in pubic relations. They currently have four staff members. Part of what they do is handle complaints of discrimination. In the seven months before the current commissioner got there the agency had "two or three" complaints in the previous seven months. They now get about two or three complaints a week. It sounds like they must be drumming up business.

  Historical Commission Mayoral Budget Hearing,


  Planning Department Mayoral Budget Hearing, 04/02/14 


    Nashville Public Library Mayoral Budget Hearing,

New libraries need staffing.

  Election Commission Mayoral Budget Hearing, 04/02/14

More funding requested for more early voting sites.

  Information Technology Services & P.E.G. Mayoral Budget Hearing, 04/01/14 

    MTA (Metro Transit Authority) Mayoral Budget Hearing, 04/01/14 by 

  Public Defender Mayoral Budget Hearing, 04/02/14 

  Public Works Mayoral Budget Hearing,


 Water Services Mayoral Budget Hearing

 Arts Commission Mayoral Budget Hearing

Beer Permit Board Mayoral Budget Hearing

Community Education Commission Mayoral Budget Hearing, 

    General Services Mayoral Budget Hearing

For video of additional budget hearings follow this link.  

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