Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What is being said about efforts to deny Matt Collins the right to run for Executive Committee of TNGOP

Bill Hobbs Bill Hobbs If you're one of those Tennessee Republicans challenging the "bona fide" status of other Republicans seeking a seat on the Tennessee Republican Party's State Executive Committee, you have lost my respect. The "bona fide" clause was meant for keeping Democrats off the State Executive Committee, not for moderate Republicans to try keep conservative Republicans off the party's governing committee. Also, if you are the Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party and you allow this madness to continue you should resign immediately.

Sharon Ford  Sharon FordOn March 2 I wrote:"Today is a sad day for me. A man who I've called friend and believed to be a person of integrity for many years has lost my respect. Today at Bellevue Breakfast Club, Robert Duvall stood before a crowd of people and made the statement he would work to ensure Matt Collins not be elected to the SEC.." He was much more explicit than this.

Now we know he wasn't speaking in hyperbole. He would and did do whatever it took to make sure Matt Collins would never sit on the SEC. Apparently Robert Duvall was SO good at it, once the ball got rolling everyone who he and GOP deemed unfit got caught in their net.

It must be a terrible thing to need to be accepted by people that you would sacrifice your principles and ethics. Jesus said 'love of money is the root of all evil.' Apparently power needs to be added to that equation.

Matt Collins They are trying to throw me off the ballot for State Executive Committee...
Doris Kay Brooks is the person responsible for this. Feel free to messenger her and tell her your thoughts if you are so inclined:

But this is also a coordinated and orchestrated attack against the conservative grassroots in TN because multiple other conservative Republican activists across the state (tagged in this post) also running for SEC got very similar notices last night too.

Tonya Miller I'm so sorry. It sucks when "they" decide you are not good enough for "them." "They" have decided that only "they" are the Republican party. I truly hope Rand Paul is elected and you get to look down from above "them." You SO deserve it! "They" are mad because you spoke out too much about Lamar. "They" agreed with you, but not the amount of bad publicity you produced. "They" also don't like you for speaking out against Kathleen. It's not what you said, but how you said it.
 Tonya Miller That's why I'm running Independent this time. It breaks my heart that "they" have decided to exclude so many fine, passionate folks. Where do "they" think we will go? Definitely, not away!! We need a strategy, a leader, something, because "they" are destroying a good thing.

Mike Warner I believe this is reference to the GOP challenging solid conservatives running for State GOP SEC (State Executive Committee). I understand 23 in Tennessee have been so challenged. The GOP executive committee RUNS THE STATE GOP and takes it's orders from the NATIONAL GOP. Local GOP chapters have little or NO say or power. This is the REAL nut to crack to "take back the GOP." I have been saying for almost a year now that this strategy won't work. This is WHY... The GOP establishment OWNS the state SECs. Conservatives will NEVER be allowed in.

John Harris I have heard over the last day about how State GOP leadership and presumably their "puppet masters" are attacking a number of good, Godly conservatives claiming that they lack "good faith" as conservatives.
Ok, this is starting to irritate me. I have practiced patience and restraint for a long time with these GOP hacks and Establishment Republicans who are acting in express definance of our Constitutions and our rights. But falsely questioning the good faith of good people who donate their time and money to protect the peoples' rights is just wrong.
Maybe I need to take it up a notch or two.

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