Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Get ready to pay back your Obamacare subsidy

We still don't know how many people got health insurance due to Obamacare. Seven million registered but how many paid their first months premium and continued to pay their monthly premium after that, we don't know.  Now, however, it looks like as many as one million of how ever many it was that got insurance under Obamacare, may have gotten the wrong subsidy. Subsidies are tied to income and it appears a lot of people reported the wrong income. Maybe some of them did not get all the subsidy to which the law entitled them, but a lot may have gotten too much subsidy.  To read all about it, follow this link.

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1 comment:

  1. About 85% to 90% of the 7 million have paid their monthly premium and the 10% to 15% the majority of premium's are not do yet. I suspect that about 1% to 5% will not pay their premiums on time. You may call this a failure or you may call this a success, depending on your personal thoughts.

    Yes there are some problems over premium subsidies, it is excepted that there will be other problems over the next couple of years, but the program on the whole is working.

    Please remember that Medicare Part D, under Bush and a Republican controlled congress had plenty of problems and it took a couple of years to fix those problems.

    Instead of trying to cancel the ACA it would be best to try and fix the problems. 70% of the population agree with this approach. Health care reform is needed and this was thought up in a Republican think tank. Republicans and Democrats were working together to get the ACA in 2009 ready and then in the middle of the process the Republicans quit working on it and started attacking their original program.

    I personally believe that the Insurance Companies got the Republicans to stop, because the Insurance Companies were against this, especially on accepting people with previous medical conditions.