Monday, June 23, 2014

CONGRESSMAN MARSHA BLACKBURN guest at 1st Tuesday, July 1.

From 1st Tuesday:

If you have been watching, MAJOR stories affecting politics in Washington DC have been coming at blistering pace !!! 
Marsha Blackburn
On Tuesday, July 1st - 1ST TUESDAY welcomes back CONGRESSMAN MARSHA BLACKBURN,  our lady playing a leading role in the eye of the storm !! 

1]PAUL RYAN publicly questions the integrity the IRS Commissioner -- so, what's next ?
2] CANTOR loss shocks -- Republican House Leadership sees major changes -- so, what's next? 
3] BOEHNER is preparing to sue Obama -- so, what's next?
4] SUPREME COURT rulings rattle Obama and other DC power players -- so, what's next?
5] THAD win shocks -- DC based Conservative groups poured in $11MM - and lost --so, what's next?   
6] OBAMA swaps GITMO prisoners without telling Congress - so, what' next ?
7] ISIS crisis - Obama now wants $500MM for rebels -- so, what's next?
8] NOVEMBER elections could result in a Republican Senate - so, then what?

WHO knows what will be the HOT TOPICS will be tomorrow?? Next week ????  
But we will be hearing from the Congressman who does know what is going on behind the scene and what to look for next !  

Talk about  MAJOR LEAGUE politics and power ! This is BIG TIME STUFF with near term decisions having long term consequences.   All I can say is ---BE at 1ST TUESDAY on Tuesday !!!!!!!

No doubt, there will be plenty of other topics to discuss when Marsha comes. Seating is becoming limited. 
As with June's event when Gov. Haslam returned, this event will also sell out ! 

Visit our website at and click on the Shopping Cart. 
Seats are $20 for Members and $25 for Guests. 
As usual, we will meet at WALLER Law - 511 Union Street 27th floor - 
Doors open at 11AM for Coffee and Social time. Lunch at 11:30AM. Marsha will hit the podium at NOON.
Strap in and get ready .... it will be a day full !!!! 

For those who want to spend some special time prior to our event with Marsha and several other special guests, there will a prior event to attend hosted by LEADERS OF TENNESSEE  -- the PAC that most believed changed the balance of power in the TN Legislature.

Monty Lankford, Founder of LEADER of TENNESSEE PAC .....  says the $$$ raised will be target 2014 Nashville candidates for the TN Legislature !! 

Doors open at 10:30AM for this special gathering !   
Contributions of $100 are requested.   $200 or more will get you lunch for you and a guest !! 
If you haven't secured your seat already.... Please make plans to join us on Tuesday, July 1st

MAKE PLANS to join us EARLY for an hour with Marsha !  Bring a friend ! 
Let me if you plan to come for the early $$-raiser with MARSHA and special guests ! 

See you on Tuesday,  July 1st !!  

Tim Skow

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