Monday, June 30, 2014

Major victory for religous liberty and a blow to Obamacare. Hobby Lobby wins! Tennesseans Respond.

A major victory for religious liberty was struck this morning when the United States Supreme Court ruled in a 5 to 4 decision in the Hobby Lobby case that  the government could not compel Hobby lobby to pay for insurance covering early abortion inducing drugs as mandated by Obamacare. Below are the commends of some prominent Tennesseans.

Lamar Alexander
U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, the senior Republican on the Senate health committee and one of 88 members of Congress who joined in filing an amicus brief on behalf of Hobby Lobby, released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling: 
The Supreme Court’s decision today makes clear that the government cannot force Americans to defy the basic tenets of their faith simply because they own a business. I am glad the Supreme Court has preserved our Constitution’s protections of religious freedom from another overreach by the Obama administration.
Senator Bob Corker:  This result is a huge victory for all who believe in separation of powers and the rule of law. 

Marsha Blackburn
Congressman Marsha Blackburn:

By attacking the religious convictions of the Green family, the Obama Administration has once again shown its distain for the free expression of faith. With this ruling, I am relieved that the Supreme Court has somewhat blunted the President's endless assault on our individual freedoms and liberties. Barack Obama and his administration need to remember that he was elected President, not king; and that people should be able to practice their faith without fear of big government trampling on the Judeo-Christian values upon which our great nation was founded.

Additionally, this is an important victory for the job creators in our economy. For the past six years, the Obama Administration has destroyed jobs with its insatiable desire to regulate and control. Successful business owners know how best to manage their affairs, not unelected bureaucrats in Washington. The more this Administration meddles in the economy, the fewer jobs that will be created and the more families that will suffer from the lack of a steady income.

The fact that this case needed to be heard at all should demonstrate to all of us that the struggle to preserve American liberty is never-ending.

George Flynn
Dr. George Flynn, candidate Republican nomination for U.S Senate, issued the following statement:   
Today, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a victory to the American people in its ruling that employers can opt out of providing coverage for contraception if they have religious objections. While this is a huge success, the fight is not over.

We must continue to fight to return the Doctor/patient relationship to healthcare, which has been stripped through Obamacare. I have seen this first hand as a doctor and this is why I have worked to develop a the Patient Centered Health Plan, one which includes principles such as portability, free markets, and the right of conscious. We must continue to fight and not give up until we are completely free of Obamacare and its harsh regulations.

David Fowler
David Fowler, President of The Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT), issued the following statement:
Today’s decision by the Supreme Court is a great day for religious liberty in our country. The Court rightly recognized that in our country the law should not require individuals to violate the tenets of their religious beliefs in order to operate their private businesses. They have upheld the promise made by our Founding Fathers that this would be a nation in which religious liberty would forever be freely exercised without oppression by civil government.
The abortifacients mandate in Obamacare put individuals in the position of having to choose between obeying the law or the dictates of their conscience. All freedom-loving people in America owe a debt of gratitude to the owners of these two companies for being the latest in a long line of courageous Americans who have stood for freedom against government tyranny and religious oppression.
Hopefully, today’s decision will serve as a strong rebuke to those who have expansive views on the reach of civil government and a disdain for individuals whose religious viewpoints form the basis for their decisions and actions. It is good to know that individual business owners can still carry their religious beliefs into the marketplace when they leave home.  
For statements by other prominent Tennesseans follow these link: Joe Carr, Congressman Scott DesJarlaisCongressman Fleischmann
Check back for more updates and commentary. 

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