Sunday, June 22, 2014

VU Study sides with Charters; no evidence charter exodus is higher.

Over a year ago the anti school choice members of the School Board alleged that the reason most charter school so outperform regular schools is because the poor preforming students exit the charter and return to a regular school midyear. Thus when it comes to year-end testing, the poor performing students are gone. They must have really believed it to be so because they hired a team of Vanderbilt researches to research the issue. 

Well, the results are in: "We found no evidence of any pattern of push-out or forced exit of potentially poor-performing students from charters," said Claire Smrekar, associate professor of the Department of Leadership, Policy and Organizations at Vanderbilt. Smrekar helped oversee the project. (link)

The 75 page report analyzed the data and says poverty is the result of student school mobility and that the number of exits midyear from a charter is about the same as other school with students of the same socio-economic demographic.

Not happy with the results of a study, School Board member Amy Frogge questioned the integrity of the researchers. To read the Tennessean story follow this link.

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