Saturday, August 30, 2014

Look what is on your NPT on Monday: A celebration of third trimester abortions and the doctors who perform them.


To complain to WNPT follow this link: or call (615) 259-9325.

Below is my short message to WNPT:

I am very disappointed to see that WNPT is carrying the documentary After Tiller. We should not be humanizing the doctors who perform third trimester abortions, instead we should be humanizing the babies they murder. Please cancel this program.

Please complain to our local PBS station and sign the petition in the link below.

For more information on this documentary, see the following:

Dear Rodney,
We have 72 hours to take a stand against the big abortion lobby.
PBS, a US taxpayer-funded broadcasting network, plans to show a film that worships the idea of late-term abortion and praises the doctors who perform them.
The film, called After Tiller, is set to air Monday, September 1st. Only 72 hours from now.
We must act fast. Please sign the Personhood USA petition to demand that PBS cancel their showing of After Tiller.
After Tiller is a 2013 documentary that follows four abortionists openly perform third-trimester abortions. The title refers to the infamous George Tiller, a chop-shop abortionist who performed late-term abortions until 2009.
The film is designed to 'humanize' these doctors who make their living from slaughtering innocent children who are fully developed and would likely be able to live outside of the womb. 
What about humanizing the babies? This pro-infanticide film spends all of its time sympathizing with the doctors themselves, and gives no thought and no air time to 'humanizing' the children who are being poisoned, stabbed, and dismembered.
The film claims to present the complexities of the difficult decisions facing these women, and the compassion and ethical dilemmas that the doctors and staff face. "Compassion." "Ethical dilemmas." Blowing smoke about what abortion really is: the violent dismemberment of an unborn child!
Be a voice for Personhood and sign the petition to demand that PBS cancel their showing of the pro-late term abortion film, After Tiller.
Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the National Organization of Women are all loudly applauding PBS's decision to air this one-sided film.
In our opinion, PBS has two options: (1) either cancel the showing of "After Tiller" or (if they insist showing it) (2) give equal time to a film that humanizes the innocent children who are aborted, such as "The Silent Scream."
Will you sign this petition to demand that PBS immediately cancel their showing of "After Tiller” this Monday evening, or that they give equal air time and funding to a film that 'humanizes' unborn babies?
Please sign the petition and we will send an e-mail message to Beth Hoppe, Chief Programming Executive and General Manager of Public Broadcasting System with the petition text.
Warmest regards,
Gregory Mertz and the whole CitizenGO team
P.S. -- Time is short. We only have 72 hours to cancel this horrible film from airing to around 300 million people. If we quickly come together, we can stop this. After you sign the petition, can you recruit 5 of your friends to sign too? With your help -- we can do this!

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