Friday, August 29, 2014

Maybe the nutty no-beer-to-go-from-a-mall-with-a-library bill can be repealed.

Sherrie Weiner to seek repeal
Last council meeting the Council passed one of the stupidest bills I can ever remember the Council passing.  As initially introduced it was bad and stupid but then it was amended to make it less bad but more stupid.

Originally the bill would prohibit beer permits from being issued for establishments located within a shopping mall containing a community center or a public library. This would have applied to on premises consumption or to-go beer purchases.  It was amended to permit beer consumption in a mall but it still prohibited off-premises beer sales. Now, how stupid is that? That means that is a grocery store or a drug store is attached to the mall, they cannot sell a six-pack to go, but a person could drink beer at a restaurant in the mall.

The bill was sponsored by Jacobia Dowell, who represents the the old Hickory Hollow mall area, which is now Global Crossings.  The attempted revitalization of the abandoned mall has seen a lot of Metro investment including a new community center, library. and Ice rink. Her view was that these developments would bring families to the area and to keep it family-friendly the mall should not be selling beer. I think that is a stupid argument anyway. Someone have a beer with their meal at the other end of the mall is not going to destroy the atmosphere of the mall.  A beer joint could not be right next door due to the library or community center or the ice rink because the regular beer permit distance requirements would still apply. When the bill was amended to permit on-site consumption but still prohibit purchases of beer for off-site consumption, the bill went from ridiculous to becoming completely asinine.

Jacobia Dowell
Jacobia Dowell was sponsor of no-
beer-to-go-from-a-mall-with-a-library bill
Now people are seeing problems with the bill. The ordinance would apply to any mall that contains a community center or a public library and the council members representing the  Bellevue area are concerned. They are wanting to see the Bellevue mall revitalized and not being able to sell beer to go, may scare off potential businesses that might be considering opening a store in the Bellevue mall. Sherrie Weiner, who voted against the bill last meetings says that she will work to get it repealed.

Below is a copy of the bill and a list of how Council members voted. I am disappointing in some of the "good" councilmen who showed lack of common sense and voted for this nutty bill but pleased to see that six of the seven "no" votes were from the "good" councilmen. Hopefully all of the Council can redeem themselves for voting for such a stupid bill when the repeal bill is introduced.

BILL NO. BL2014-840 
“Ayes”: Maynard, Matthews, Harrison, Hunt, Banks, Scott Davis, Westerholm, Anthony Davis, Pridemore, Pardue, Stanley, Claiborne, Tenpenny, Moore, Allen, Gilmore, Baker, Langster, Holleman, Harmon, Blalock, Dowell, Duvall, Todd (24).
“Noes”:  Garrett, Tygard, Glover, Weiner, Evans, Dominy, Mitchell (7)
“Abstaining”: Barry, Steine, Bennett, Johnson, Potts (5).

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