Monday, August 4, 2014

Michelle Malkin call Lamar "one of the biggest double-talking weasels and beltway barnacles."

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin has joined other conservative personalities such as Mark Levine and Laura Ingram in calling for the defeat of Senator Lamar Alexander. Mark Levine is one of the more loud-mouthed of conservative talk show host who never seems calm but is always screeching across the air waves.  I have seen Mark Levine on an edition of CSPAN Book TV and he can talk calmly and appear quite normal and he is a scholar, but on his radio show he is over the top. I can hardly bare to listen to him because he is usually screaming and angry.  I don't see how one can get that worked up day after day.

Michelle Malkin is a conservative columnist and frequent commentator on TV who gets the prize for name calling. In denouncing Lamar Alexander, she said, "Of course, [Alexander] is one of the biggest double-talking weasels and beltway barnacles out there, particularly on ... immigration and Common Core.”  She made this statement on the Laura Ingraham Show. She also said Alexander is “as radical as they come.”

Some would consider Michelle Malkin fairly radical. In 2004, she wrote a book defending the U.S. government's internment of 112,000 Japanese Americans in prison camps during World War II, and arguing that we should now do the same thing to Arab Americans and Muslim Americans. I have a hard time taking seriously anyone with such disregard for the constitution and civil liberties.

I doubt the piling on will have much impact. I suspect that there is a lot of overlap in the audience of Ingram and Levine and Malkin and while it is red meat to those who already agree, they are probably preaching to the choir and not reaching a wide audience of undecideds.  In fact I would not be surprised if being denounced by Levine and Malkin could not help Lamar more than it hurts him, if it has any impact at all.

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