Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Where Politics and the Law are colliding," topic of 1st Tuesday, featuring Alberto Conzales and others

From Tim Skow, host of First Tuesday:

1ST TUESDAY members and friends !!

If you missed the following article.... take a look in July 31st "WALL STREET JOURNAL "


Forget impeachment. The House lawsuit is the real threat to Obama
The travelling "impeachment" carnival that put down stakes in Washington this summer may boost cable ratings, but the amusement rides and midway games are for children. The real story that could have political consequences is Wednesday's 225-201 House vote to pursue a lawsuit challenging President Obama's abuse of executive power. (link)

Then, plan to join us on Tuesday, August 5th for an incredible 1ST TUESDAY event highlighting

  "Where Politics and the Law are colliding."

GUEST SPEAKERS joining us August 5th at 1ST TUESDAY will be 2 men who are literally from the front lines of "Where Politics and the Law are colliding."
  • Alberto Gonzales - former US Attorney General and now Dean at Belmont School of Law
  • Herbert Slatery -- Chief Legal Counsel to TN Gov. Bill Haslam

Others with important roles also attending our event include... but not limited to:
  • Bill Hagerty - TN Commissioner of ECD
  • Multiple TN Legislators who will be handling the fallout from the Legal actions
  • Members of the TN Judiciary

Needless to say, the Q&A session and contributors will be amazing !!

HOT topics for....."Where Politics and the Law are colliding" ... will also include
  1. Conflicting decisions in July from the DC Circuit and the 4th District Court of Appeals could turn Obamacare into a nightmare for its supporters !! [see headline from article below ]
  2. The Hobby Lobby decision and more Obamacare suits in the queue
  3. Obamacare legal restrictions & limitations affects on TN state government
  4. States vs Federal Government actions surrounding the crisis at the US border [how can the Federal Govt send 760 alien children here... and Gov. Haslam be left out of the loop ? ]
  5. Judicial issues on the ballot in August and November in 2014
  6. Legal ramifications of scandals at the IRS, the Vet Administration and more

As usual, 1ST TUESDAY will be WALLER LAW - 511 Union Street - 27th floor. Doors open at 11AM for Coffee and Social time. Lunch at 11:30 is $20 for Members and $25 for Guests. Program will start promptly an NOON. Given those who are also planning to attend, the extensive Q&A session will be fascinating !! Expect this to be powerful and enlightening event.

Secure your seats by clicking on the Shopping Cart at our website

See you at 1ST TUESDAY.... August 5th !
Tim Skow

Fed appeals court panel says most Obamacare

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