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Who got which Committee assignments in the Metro Council.

Below is the Council committee assignments for the coming year. For what it is worth, I have highlighted those Council members whom I think of as the "good" councilmen.  My list of  "good" councilmen are council members who are socially or fiscally conservative.  There are other council members who may be great at constituent service and who I personally like and who may be good council members if judged by different criteria. I mean, I like Karen Johnson, and Walter Hunt and Fabian Bedne and a lot of the others but they would not claim to be conservatives. Some I have listed, I am just assuming are more conservative than most of their colleagues simply because they are identified as Republican; they may not be.  I think there is only one Councilman who has never disappointing me by the way he has voted, so by me listing a councilman as one of the "good" councilmen does not mean I always agree with that person. Also, it is worth noting that there are only a handful of issues where political ideology matters. Anyway, my listing as "good" is more of an impression than a data-based assessment, so take it with a grain of salt.  If I missed someone or you disagree with some of my evaluation, feel free to voice your opinion. Rod

Budget And Finance (13)

  • Pridemore, Bill, Chair
  • Baker, Buddy
  • Bennett, Karen
  • Davis, Anthony
  • Dowell, Jacobia
  • Garrett, Tim
  • Glover, Steve
  • Langster, Edith Taylor
  • Maynard, Jerry
  • Moore, Sandra
  • Pardue, Doug
  • Steine, Ronnie
  • Weiner, Sheri  
Tim Garrett will be the voice of experience and reason on this committee. B&F is the most important committee of the Council.

Charter Revision (8): Johnson, Karen, Chair; Allen, Burkley; Banks, Brady; Blalock, Davette; Dowell, Jacobia; Garrett, Tim; Holleman, Jason; Steine, Ronnie

Codes, Fair And Farmer's Market (9): Dowell, Jacobia, Chair; Barry, Megan; Bedne, Fabian Evans, Emily; Holleman, Jason; Moore, Sandra.

There are a lot of problems with Farmers Market. It still can not break even and must be subsidized. There are still those who want to do away with the Farigrounds and sell the property to developers. This could be an important committee.

Convention, Tourism And Public Entertainment Facilities (9): Banks, Brady, Chair; Allen, Burkley; Garrett, Tim; Glover, Steve; Harmon, Chris; Hunt, Walter; Mitchell, Bo; Potts, Jason Westerholm, Peter.
This is an important committee. Again I am glad to see Tim Garrett on this committee.
Education (10): Moore, Sandra, Chair; Blalock, Davette; Claiborne, Phil; Glover, Steve; Matthews, Lonnell; Mitchell, Bo; Potts, Jason; Stanley, Bruce; Tenpenny, Tony; Todd, Carter.

Federal Grants Review (7): Westerholm, Peter; Chair; Davis, Anthony; Davis, Scott; Gilmore, Erica; Harrison, Frank; Langster, Edith Taylor; Moore, Sandra.

Health, Hospitals And Social Services (10): Gilmore, Erica, Chair; Davis, Scott; Duvall, Robert; Harmon, Chris; Harrison, Frank; Holleman, Jason; Hunt, Walter; Langster, Edith Taylor; Maynard, Jerry; Tygard, Charlie.

Parks, Library And Recreation (10): Bennett, Karen, Chair; Allen, Burkley; Claiborne, Phil; Duvall, Robert; Hagar, Larry; Holleman, Jason; Stites, Josh; Tenpenny, Tony; Todd, Carter; Tygard, Charlie. 

Personnel - Public Information - Human Relations - Housing (10): Weiner, Sheri, Chair; Banks, Brady; Davis, Scott; Evans, Emily; Johnson, Karen; Matthews, Lonnell; Maynard, Jerry; Potts, Jason; Steine, Ronnie; Stites, Josh.

Human Relations is the agency responsible for promoting political correctness and sponsors the Youth Pavilion at the annual Nashville gay pride festival. Maybe Josh Stites, one of my favorite councilmen, can can exert some influence to end that practice and maybe work to abolish the agency.

Planning, Zoning And Historical (13)
  • Hunt, Walter, Chair
  • Bedne, Fabian
  • Blalock, Davette
  • Claiborne, Phil
  • Davis, Scott
  • Dominy, Duane
  • Gilmore, Erica
  • Hagar, Larry
  • Harrison, Frank
  • Johnson, Karen
  • McGuire, Sean
  • Tenpenny, Tony
  • Westerholm, Peter

This is one of the most time consuming committees of the council. Councilmen on this committee have to work real hard on what I usually find to be boring issues. Next to Budget and Finance however it is considered one of the most important committees.

Public Safety - Beer And Regulated Beverages (10): Baker, Buddy, Chair; Blalock, Davette; Evans, Emily; Gilmore, Erica; Johnson, Karen; Langster, Edith Taylor; Matthews, Lonnell; McGuire, Sean; Pardue, Doug; Stanley, Bruce.

Public Works (9) Davis, Anthony, Chair; Allen, Burkley; Barry, Megan; Bennett, Karen; Dominy, Duane; Dowell, Jacobia; McGuire, Sean; Stanley, Bruce; Westerholm, Pete.

Rules - Confirmations - Public Elections (9): Harmon, Chris, Chair; Baker,Buddy; Banks, Brady; Barry, Megan; Davis,Anthony; Mitchell, Bo; Pridemore, Bill; Steine, Ronnie; Stites, Josh.

This could be an important committee. All appointees to boards and commissions must come before this committee for a recommendation on confirmation. A councilman could exert influence by questioning appointees about their position on policy.  As an example, if someone is being appointed to the Human Relations Committee, a member of this committee could question them and if they support the city hosting a youth pavilion at the annual gay pride festival, the councilman could vote against their confirmation. Or, if they are unaware or unconcerned about the corruption at NES, they may deserve a "no" vote.  Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the committee simply serves as a rubber stamp for the mayor and does not exert the influence it could have.

Traffic, Parking And Transportation (8): Harrison, Frank, Chair; Bedne, Fabian; Dominy, Duane; Duvall, Robert; Garrett, Tim; Hagar, Larry; Pardue, Doug; Todd, Carter.

With the unsettled AMP issue, this committee could be influential. Several of the members of this committee are critical of AMP.

None of the more outspoken conservatives on the Council, such as Robert Duvall, Duane Dominy, or Josh Stites got a chairmanship.  On the other hand, liberal Council member Megan Barry who is running for Mayor and could benefit from some TV face time did not get a chairmanship.

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