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Not everyone is happy that Grover Norquist is coming to First Tuesday.

I intend to attend First Tuesday tomorrow and I have purchased my ticket. The guest speaker will be Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform.  For many years he has been a leading voice for fiscal conservatism and has succeeded in holding Republicans feet to the fire with his Tax Pledge. His roll in the conservative movement is legendary. However, Grover Norquist has fallen out of favor with some conservatives because they perceive him to be allied with radical Islam. Some consider him a traitor and use very harsh language in criticizing him.  I invited a good friend of mine to attend First Tuesday with me this week and this person who is a reasonable conservative, not prone to endorsing fringe conspiracy theories, said he did not care for Grover Norquist because of his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  I think this is a view shared by many.

I attended the CPAC gathering in Washington for the last two years and heard critical mumbling from attendees at that event both years because Norquist was on the program.  Several conservative commentators have openly criticized Norquist, including Glen Beck, Michelle Malkin and Pam Gueller. None of these are people I am particularly impressed by but they influence an awfully lot of conservatives. Locally, J. Lee Douglas of the 9-12 group has criticized Norquist and First Tuesday and The Beacon Center for their association with Norquist. 
I am reposting a communication from Mr. Douglas. I do not endorse his statement, but he is influential in local conservative circles and his view is shared by many and Mr. Lee articulates his concern well. He calls on First Tuesday to cancel Mr. Norquist appearance and he ask local conservatives to boycott tomorrows meeting. 
I do think Mr. Norquist should address the criticism and explain his association with the Muslim Brotherhood, if there is any association, and if the terrible things some people are saying about him are not true he should deny them and denounce the people who are saying them. This criticism has been ignored long enough. It should be addressed. Rod
Below is the statement from J. Lee Douglas. I have highlighted the more provocative statements.
Recognizing the sign of the times in 1939, many wise Germans left their home country and quietly moved away. Others, also recognizing the sign of the times, eventually and valiantly spoke up, bringing criticism and eventual harm to themselves and their families. In all, if both groups had timely spoken up with enough conviction and demand, we might have never known of that season's costly terror.
July 2012, a 912 open letter to Republican Governor Bill Haslam was published in the Tennessean urging reconsideration of the questionable and inconspicuous hiring of Shariah-compliant specialist, Samar Ali. Despite his office having been caught providing untrue statements about Ms. Ali's hiring, Governor Haslam's office replied with silence.
This past February, the Beacon Center, a wonderful, local watchdog organization who I have admired for years, hosted a GOP hero; a man invited because of his reputed knowledge and skill in arguing for fiscal conservatism. What he, Grover Norquist, and the Beacon Center have in common is a reputation for advancing fiscal prudence in government. Who could be against that?

My own love for fiscal soundness blinded me to a friend's first caution that Grover Norquist was part of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Such caution had to be paranoia. In some quarters, Grover is a saint to any truly fiscal conservative. For me, an appreciation for values and principles ahead of party loyalty was so slow in coming. By that age, I should have understood better than to only see men as either Republican or Democrat. Life was so much easier then. Grover is Republican, isn't that enough? Dammit, he's one of us!

Reagan's Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Frank Gaffney, is the authority with the evidence that continues to trigger my spider senses. On that awful day, 9/11, Gaffney was in DC and went to his office just after the third airliner had struck the Pentagon. His office suite shared a common wall with Norquist (Islamic Free Market Institute). Gaffney describes in his office, a colleague lifting up a ceiling tile to hear celebration of the 911 attacks from Norquist and his colleagues, discussing how they would spin their "criticism"of the attack. I am convinced today that Grover Norquist is directly linked to the MB and you should be, too. Do your own research, you'll be helped by some of the links at the bottom.

In the spring, I notified our friends at the Beacon Center (BC) about Grover's Islamic loyalties upon learning of my invitation to join a Center-Right Coalition (CRC) that was being brought back to life by BC, Norquist, and friends. I supplied them with this link. It occurred to me that BC had not taken the time to read the information sent to them or else they felt that the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood was inferior in scope to the benefits of fiscal conservancy. If government ever does genuinely confine itself to Constitutional principles, it will matter to offset the extra tax imposed upon those infidels permitted by our Muslim masters to live.

Many of you don't know of the GOP's traditional monthly meeting in Nashville called 1st Tuesday which assembles again this coming Tuesday, September 2--open to all. For the most part, it is a who's who in Republican Circles and is run by the GOP Establishment's people although whenever I attended, I've seen friends who I love, who belong to 912 and are strongly like-minded with us. This month's guest speaker is described as 'a most powerful “Washington DC political BIG-WAVE maker”, on Harry Reid’s “5 most hated names” list!!, one of those eyebrow-raising names in Washington, DC!'

You guessed it, Grover Norquist is featured this Tuesday as a GOP Rock Star doing Nashville. Anyone on Harry Reid's bad list must be one of the good guys, right? In 1985, Grover was asked by Reagan to start Americans for Tax Reform, thirty years ago when gas cost $1.05/gal and the MB was no threat in America because there was little cash for trouble making outside of the Middle East. Seeing that both Gaffney and Norquist were shown favor by The Gipper, we may have to rely upon facts to determine Grover's current threat status.

I want to say this gently to our Republican friends, its leaders, administrators, fair-minded GOP men and women who genuinely want good for Tennessee, who pray and know that all men must answer to God: What are you doing? Isn't it true in the Scriptures that teachers will be judged more keenly, then how much more our leaders? Many of you volunteered to be a leader with its duties and its privileges.

Why are those of you involved in the Tennessee GOP bringing a man to be among you who has recognized ties to a group who today has beheaded and crucified children? Who is it that is being helped by Mr. Norquist? What is the good that he'll bring with him for you? Is Grover Norquist being welcomed here because he will advance fiscal soundness? Really? Does that trump security and common sense? Should John McCain trade on his heroism of 39 years ago any more than Grover Norquist ought on his earlier years as a fiscal conservative? How long will our national and state leaders offer an expired benefit of doubt to people whose practice betrays what we all desperately want to believe?

Norquist lobbied on behalf of Fannie and Freddie to extend home ownership tax credits that directly contributed to the housing bubble collapse and Norquist advocated for Shariah-compliant mortgage products with Fannie and Freddie. He early on advocated giving Obama all the money needed to keep destroying America when he mislead tea-party Republicans, counseling them to raise the debt ceiling (watch video at 8:50). Once, I believe, Norquist had legitimate claims to fiscal conservatism but no longer. Do the research.

At MuslimBrotherhoodInAmerica.com, you can find a ten-part course on the Muslim Brotherhood by the Center for Security Policy where there is a clip of “Norquist at a meeting in Dearborn, Michigan in October 2011 put together between George Soros’ progressives or leftists, radicals, and the Islamists.”

America is like a country waiting for a catastrophe to happen before it will wake up, drop the political correctness, and stop pretending that all religions are the same and all offer the same threat to our security.

I am urging all of our state elected officials including our Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker as well as all citizens to urge 1st Tuesday's planners to cancel the event with Norquist, pay him his honorarium and consider this a great lesson about vetting who'll be permitted to address us and represent us. The best action that everyone can take is to not attend this Tuesday's meeting. Please contact your state senator and representative only if he is a Republican. This is a GOP issue only. It's time for the GOP to stand for something. Let it start here as an example for the rest of the nation.

William Wilberforce said “having heard all of this, you may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.”

Below are the links attached to the essay: link, link, link.

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