Monday, October 20, 2014

Diana Cuellar Lands Major Endorsement In Nashville Senate Race

Press Release, Nashville, TNDiana Cuellar, Republican nominee for the District 21 State Senate seat, just received a major endorsement.  

Dr. Carol Swain, Vanderbilt University Law Professor, award winning author, and frequent guest on National news, has endorsed Diana Cuellar in the 21st District State Senate Race.

Greetings, I’m Dr. Carol Swain.  November 4th is Election Day across the nation.  It’s the day we the people get an opportunity to elect news leaders and oust those who betray our values and principles.  In Tennessee’s 21st Senate District we have the opportunity to elect a woman who understands fiscal responsibility, the importance of balanced budgets, the value of hard work, and the need for our federal government to address problems with immigration.
 Diana Cuellar is a Latina woman, works as a financial advisor, she understands the needs of the district, and its rich diversity.  Diana is not beholden to special interest groups and big-pocketed lobbyists like her opponent. She will make the needs and interests of the people in her district her first priority.
If you believe it is time to elect a qualified candidate, that truly understands the needs of the people…one that will stand up to the lobbyists and special interest groups…then vote for Diana Cuellar on November 4th. This is your opportunity to be the people.
Elect a woman who will make a difference.

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